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5 Genius Ways to Turn Him on without Touching Him ...

By Sici

We all know exactly where to touch a man if you want to get him aroused in the quickest way possible! It’s not rocket science to figure that one out, but if you want to be considered a true seductress and master of your craft, you need to know about all of the ways you can get his juices flowing without going straight for the obvious! In fact, you can learn to do it without grabbing anything at all! Here are five ways to turn him on without touching him!

1 Eye Contact

You can say more with your eye than with any amount of words! Locking eyes with him from across a crowded room and looking at him in such a way that tells him exactly what you are planning on doing to him later on is one of the sure-fire ways to get him hot under the collar with even touching him.

2 Little Black Dress

Dress to impress! If you turn up looking like a million dollars, he will spend more time thinking about what is underneath that LBD than what is going on in the rest of the world! The sight of a beautiful woman exuding her natural sensuality in a sexy garment is definitely enough to turn a guy on.

3 Laughter

Give him another sort of boner, a funny boner! Funny, flirty conversation can often be enough to get a guy hot and bothered, because finding someone that you can truly laugh with and not feel like you are putting on a show or trying too hard is something that we all search for in life.

4 Intrigue

Don’t put it all out there for him at once. Leave something of yourself behind closed doors in order to create an air of mystery and intrigue. Men always want what they can’t have, so playing a little game of cat and mouse will definitely get his juices flowing before you have so much as stroked his arm!

5 Dirty Talk

Do with your words what you could otherwise be doing with your tongue and lips! Whisper in his ear all of the things that you want him to do to you, and that you want to do to him, and you will soon see that touching his body doesn’t even have to be part of the deal in order to get him ‘ready’ for action!

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