So Your Crush Likes Your Best Friend ... What Now ...

By Sici

So Your Crush  Likes Your Best Friend ... What Now ...

Are you looking for some ways to deal when your crush likes your best friend? It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but the world of romance has the potential to really knock you for six sometimes. Just when you think you might be getting somewhere with a person that you like, something happens to completely change your perspective and forces you to reassess your plan of action! One of the worst examples of a cruel romantic twist of fate is when somebody that you are crushing on hard turns out to be more interested in your best friend instead. This can put you in a really awkward position, but it doesn’t have to be dealt with badly! Here are some ways to deal when your crush likes your best friend.

1 Accept It

Acceptance is one of the best ways to deal when your crush likes your best friend. Not everything in life turns out the way that you want it to. If you crush is crushing on your bestie, then it’s probably best to accept it and try to move on. It will do you no good at all to stay in that place and get sadder and more frustrated with the way things are going. You deserve happiness just like they do, so don’t waste your energy on trying to reach a goal that you know is unachievable.

2 Be Honest

Sometimes the only way to unstick a situation is to make it even stickier in the short term. If you feel like you have to get it off your chest, then go ahead and tell your crush that you have feelings for them and that although you are sad they don’t reciprocate them, you are mature enough to accept it. You can then all start to move on with every person in the scenario on the same page, no hidden secrets that might breed contempt.

3 Set Boundaries

It will take your heart a little while to heal from this drama, so it’s best to set a few boundaries for yourself for some self-protection. Don’t willingly throw yourself into situations where you know you are going to have to witness you crush and your friend interacting. You might not have bad feelings toward them, but you also don’t want to witness their blossoming romance first hand!

4 Me Time

In situations like this, it is always good to carve out some time just for yourself, away from all of the distraction and obstacles that have gotten you down. Do some binge watching, read a few great books, put your energy into a creative project. Anything that can be seen as escapism from your awkward situation.

5 Help from the Squad

Once this me time is complete, the next thing you are going to want to do is to surround yourself with members of your squad who can help you reconnect with the wider world and move on from your crush debacle. Let them take the reigns when it comes to decision making for activities, it can be really nice to just have company that you don’t have to worry about impressing.

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