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How to Kiss Him so He Keeps Coming Back for More ...

By Sici

I don’t know if you agree, but I happen to think that kissing is a vital part of romance no matter what your age is! It’s sad that so many adults regard kissing as something that they did before they were old enough and mature enough to move on to more intimate acts, because if you are a bad kisser, you are never going to be able to convince somebody to go to that next stage with you anyway! Having the ability to be a great kisser is a sure fire way to make sure that somebody remembers you, no matter how much time you spend with them! Here is how to kiss him so he keeps coming back for more!

1 Prepare Yourself

Pre kiss preparation should always involve a little application of lip balm to ensure that your lips are as puckered and soft as possible. After all, nobody wants to kiss a set of dry, flaky lips! A flavoured lip balm is also a cute idea, it will give him a much more sensory experience!

2 Tell Him

There is something really sexy about asking a guy if you can kiss him, or telling him that you want him to kiss you. It builds anticipation and makes sure that everyone is on the right page before you jump in. There’s nothing worse than being caught unawares with a badly placed or timed kiss!


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3 Start Soft

Don’t go straight it with a hard kiss, that’s something that you should work up to instead. Start out with some soft pecks and exploratory kisses that give you time to get in sync and on rhythm with the person that you are kissing, It should feel like a delicate dance, not a karate match!

4 Switch It up

If you have been kissing him for a while and he’s kind of got used to your style, then surprise him by switching up some of your techniques. He will never need to go to someone else for a different make out experience if you are always changing things up to keep it fresh!

5 Teeth

Don’t be afraid to use your teeth when making out! When you know how to do it properly, there is nothing sexier than a quick bite of the lip or nibble of the earlobe. Make sure that you get your pressure correct because if it hurts then the arousal can go from 10 to 1 in less than a second!

6 Head Position

Don’t lock your head in one single position and just proceed to twist your tongue around lock young teens in the school courtyard! Make the effort to keep changing up your head position so that your kissing feels much more dynamic and exciting. You shouldn’t be neglecting any angle when it comes to making out!

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