Times ⏰ when Sex πŸ›Œ is Not 🚫 the Answer πŸ—― to Your Problems πŸ€” ...


Sex, it’s something that the majority of us love to have, the more often the better! However, there are definitely some occasions in life when it can be used, but it shouldn’t. The emotional complications that can arise from having sex with somebody can’t always be dealt with in a casual way, and similarly there are certain emotions and situations that can occur between people in which sex is the worst possible thing that could happen. Of course, we’re not all perfect and we do make mistakes, but to try to avoid some big ones, here are examples of times when sex is not the answer.

1. As a Tool

Don’t use your power of sexual allure as a tool to get something that you want. Getting into this kind of relationship with somebody is never going be able to flourish in a healthy way, because your partner will always be wondering if there is an ulterior motive to your physical intimacy with them.

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