5 Times 📙 You Shouldn't 🚫 Get Back with Your Ex 💔 ...


There are definitely some times you shouldn't get back with your ex. It will be tempting to get back to that feeling go security and familiarity, but it could end in disaster. Before you agree to get back together, think it through very carefully. Here are some times you shouldn't get back with your ex.

1. You Miss the Relationship, Not Him

One of the times you shouldn't get back with your ex is if you just miss being part of a relationship. It's been a couple months since the breakup, and you're starting miss all those warm and fuzzy perks of being in a relationship - the cuddles, the date nights and even just someone to bitch to about your shitty day at work.

The memories come blasting in, and you start to think, "hmmm, maybe we called it quits too soon." STOP RIGHT THERE, SISTER!

Pause, take a step back, and ask yourself this very important question. "Do I miss him, or do I just miss having a boyfriend?" If it's the latter, you'll definitely want to hold off on sending any "I miss you" texts.

It's easy when you're feeling down to feel like maybe you've let your soulmate go, but sometimes you're just looking too closely at the situation.

Remember, the odds are in your favor that you will one day love again, and hopefully this time it's with someone much better than your ex.

You're Actually Just Horny


I dated my brothers mate. Big mistake :(
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