A Little Advice for Girls Who Have a Gamer Boyfriend ...


A Little Advice for Girls Who Have a Gamer Boyfriend ...
A Little Advice for Girls Who Have a Gamer Boyfriend ...

I know what you’re thinking: “My boyfriend plays too many video games” “These games are so pointless” “Should I leave him over his gaming hobby?” No, you shouldn't leave, but it sounds like you could use some good tips for dating a gamer.

Let me tell you, I’ve been there. I started dating a guy who had a serious video gaming hobby. He was in the top leaderboards, had friends he met through these games, and played almost every night. I thought it was cute at first, and watching him be a complete boss in whatever game he was playing was fun to watch. We started getting serious, and I stayed at his place almost every night. We still went out, had fun dates, and spent quality time together, but most nights once we got home, I went to bed while he stayed up gaming.

I tried not to let this bother me much, because it was pretty harmless. I tried to imagine myself being with a gamer for the rest of my life, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. He then asked me a two-word question that changed everything: “Wanna join?”

“Join in your game, like play with you?” I asked. “Yup,” he replied, while handing me a controller. I had never played a game before, and the controller felt like a foreign object in my hand. How was I supposed to hold this thing? What do I do?

He showed me the basics, and soon enough, we were dominating people in Call of Duty (okay, he was doing the dominating, but it was still fun!). The element of surprise made for an electrifying rush, and soon I felt ready to take on the world. I admit, I sucked at first. But I’m an ultra-competitive person and I am no quitter. That night we stayed up until 2 AM playing games. I don’t play all of the time, but when I do, we have an awesome time together.

Do you have a gamer boyfriend? Here are a few tips for dating a gamer from someone who’s been with a gamer for four years now.

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Join the Fun

Join him! Seriously, it’s so much fun. You will be able to hang out, while bonding over something new and exciting. He will enjoy that you’re showing interest in his hobbies and you'll make some great memories. Having fun with him is one of the best tips for dating a gamer that I can offer.


Don't Be a Nag

I know, you think he’s playing games too much. But after a long day of work, gaming might be a great way for him to de-stress so give him a break. Unless he's always playing games and never paying attention to you, let him have his fun.


More than a Hobby

Know when gaming becomes more than a hobby. If he spends every waking moment playing video games, it can be destructive to your relationship, and let’s be honest, it can be destructive to his life too. I’m an advocate for a healthy amount of gaming. If he pays no attention to your relationship, it might be time to think about if this is the kind of relationship you want. Remember. Everything is good in moderation!

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