8 Tips for Online Dating Success ...


If you’ve tried online dating and didn’t meet the man of your dreams, maybe you just need a few new tips for online dating success! Dozens of my friends and I have made a love connection online, and you can too! Here are 8 tips for online dating success… why not try it again?

1. Register with Several Sites

The man of your dreams may not be on match.com, or on christianmingle.com, or even on eharmony.com – you may not find him unless you register with several sites! I would recommend registering with five or six sites that you find appealing. Since registering is the first step in finding online love, it’s the first of my tips for online dating success!

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Shawna Melton
@thessa, beware of ANY man that asks you for money shortly after beginning communications with you!
Heather Jensen
Oh! That's a great idea! :) I'll add that to my list!
Can you write a post with tips for online relationships with guys you met through video games? I know that sounds a little lame and nerdy but I had a 3 year relationship with someone from an online mu...
Heather Jensen
Aww! That is horrible! I know that happens a lot. :)
Beware of the online scams by the Nigerian syndicates. I have encountered it before. But I wasn't that naive and stupid. I outwit 'him' in his own game. How to tell? When he starts to ask you for hel...
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