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7 Tips on How to Get a Guy in 10 Days ...

By Kiley

Most of us have seen the infamous movie How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, but no one ever made the movie how to get a guy in 10 days. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is great at showing what girls shouldn't do, but I'm here to tell you how to land that cutie you have been wanting for a while. It all has to do with what you say, when you say it, and what you do with it. Read on to find out seven tips on how to get a guy in 10 days!

1 Throw out a Line

The first thing on how to get a guy in 10 days is to make sure you grow a set! We all know rejection is extremely scary, but if you never put yourself out there you will always play the "what if" game. So in order to come off confident and sexy to a guy, go ahead and pick him up! Say something about his cool shoes, the sports hat he's wearing, or the fact that he is plain adorable. The idea is to give him something to work off of when starting a conversation. If you are in a rush, write your number down on a piece of paper and hand it to him. You're already making leaps and bounds in your 10 day time frame by jumping to the phone number swaps.

2 Initiate Contact

After your boy gets your phone number, give him a chance to contact you first. The thing is, if he finds you attractive and is interested, he will make a move. Don't get discouraged if someone you give your number to doesn't contact you. It could be a number of reasons such as he has a girlfriend, he's too busy to date, he feels you are out of his league, or the ever disappointing he's just not that into you. After the first phone conversation, you don't need to wait for him to text or call you again. Go ahead and initiate contact for the second conversation. It shows you are interested, but he doesn't know to what degree yet, which makes him intrigued. If he doesn't ask you out in this conversation, call him out on it. Say to him, "So when are you gonna ask me to hang out?" The reason you do this is because he may feel uncertain on where you stand whether you want to continue talking and getting to know each other via technology or actually take the leap and meet up.

3 Hold Yourself Back

Now comes the time for the infamous hard to get. Whether you have hung out or not, it's time to be very coy with your tone towards him. You put on the table you are interested so he already knows that. There is no reason to constantly throw it in his face. Girls, my number one rule is, "always make a guy constantly question if you're into him." Between being forward and blunt, to turning your flirtometer way down, he's going to question his own self esteem. This is the point in your 10 day journey that snaps him up!

4 Cat and Mouse

I use the words Cat and Mouse because this is where the chase starts to unfold. After your first hang out session, be unavailable. If he asks you to hang out again, never accept the first option he gives you. If he doesn't ask you to hang out, go ahead and put on the table, "We should hang out again." See where he goes with it, but no matter what don't make plans with him again. Wait a day or two before texting him to hang out. When it comes to communicating, feel free to ignore him. Put a timer on your microwave if you have to. Just make sure you have plenty of different time intervals ranging from a 30 second response to a 3 hour response. How many times have you as girls wondered where did the guy you were talking to non stop disappear to, and then reappear an hour or 2 hours later? It made us crazy! We threw our phone against the wall, called all of our friends freaking out if we said the wrong thing... it's pure madness! But now you are turning the tables and doing this to him.

5 Get Your Date on

The best thing about a date is the getting to know each other part. If you spend all your time on a computer or telephone, it takes away from the intimacy of sitting across from someone. That's why I am very adamant about getting the guy to ask you to hang out right at the beginning. Some tips to talk about are sports, family, favorite vacations, infamous pranks he and his friends did, etc. Dress yourself up so that you feel confident and sexy, but simple is best when on a first date with a stranger. Go to a casual place; that way, if it doesn't work out, you can always have your girlfriends come meet up with you as a safety back up. And who knows, you may throw out your number to a different guy if you realize the two of you don't have the chemistry!

6 The Inevitable Kiss

Here's the thing with a kiss on a date, a lot of times the path to getting there is awkward. The guy gets nervous, you get nervous, no one wants to make a move because they are afraid of rejection so you both babble about ridiculous things till someone either grabs the other person or you both end the night smoochless. If you do kiss, it is the tell all of everything. If there isn't chemistry, be happy you only spent a few days pursuing this guy instead of a few weeks, or even months. Girls, every guy is different in his shy to ballsy meter when it comes to making moves, so I want you to take that pair you got when you said hello and go for it. Because again, what's the worst that can happen? He rejects you? Just move on... it's cliche, but there are plenty of fish in the sea.

7 Make Him Wait

Do not have sex on the first date. I repeat, do not have sex on the first date! You want to win this boy over? You can't give yourself up, otherwise he loses all mystery and challenge in dating you. Guys love to have to chase for sexual pleasure. A lot of guys may be confused by you giving them your number and pursuing them. This tip is what will give him clarity on the matter. If he sees kissing is as far as it goes for you then it's a dating sign. If you are thinking you just want to sleep with him and want nothing out of it, go ahead and have sex. The minute you feel you are really over the fling, go ahead and end it with a bang!

Girls, this isn't a 10 month process I'm giving you. It's 10 days. It's the quickest way to figure out boys if you have ever been puzzled because you are going through the basics of initiating contact, showing you're interested, playing hard to get, going out with him, and sealing the deal with a kiss. If you ever want to experiment with dating, this is the way to go about it. I learned so much about men just by going on many first dates, but the best thing I gained from all this was confidence in myself. I always thought men had to be the pursuers, and we're in a generation now that it's just not like that anymore. I thought "poor me" if a boy didn't call me, but the more I handed out my number and the more men told me they found that extremely attractive, it created this new persona. So besides scoring yourselves a few cuties, go out there to experience a new view on yourself! How have you gotten a guy in 10 days or less? Do you have any confidence tips to share?

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