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8 Smooth Ways to Ask a Girl out if You Are a Girl ...

By Heather

If you are a lesbian, it can be really intimidating to figure out all of the ways to ask a girl out if you are a girl. It's hard to break into same-sex flirting rules and same-sex relationship rules if you are new to the game! Girls, it's okay to be scared and okay to worry about rejection. I've come up with all of the different ways to ask a girl out that'll make it easy for you to walk up to any girl and ask them out easily. Remember, it's all about confidence!

1 Gauge Her Interest

Always, before you go just asking a girl out, gauge her interest in you. Is she flirting with you? Are you seeing that she is lightly touching you and giving you cues that she won't reject you if you ask her out? This is absolutely one of the ways to ask a girl out that is really a first step. Remember, if she's not interested, you'll be able to tell!

2 Catch onto How Often She Touches You

Remember when I mentioned if she is lightly touching you? That's a cue that she's interested in you! Just keep track of how many times she lightly brushes you arm or lightly brushes past you. Then it should feel really natural for you to ask her out and you shouldn't be rejected at all!

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3 Facial Expressions

You're a girl, you know how our facial expressions can really tell a story of how we are feeling. It shouldn't be any different at all for another girl! Watch how interested she is, watch how her facial expressions change and that'll let you know if she is the right girl that you should be asking out. Trust me on this one, our faces give away more than we want sometimes!

4 Catch Her Eye

I know it's hard to do, but if you are really trying to ask a girl out, you've got to catch her eye. How do you do that? Stand out! Really put yourself out there and let her know who you are. That will allow her to know if she wants to go out with you or would willing to go out with you!

5 Approach Her

Girls, it's hard. Face it, putting yourself out there enough to get rejected is very difficult to deal with and handle, but it's so, so worth it in the end. You've got to approach the girl that you are into if you expect to get anywhere with her. Just walk up to her if you see all of the right cues!

6 Don't Be Too Nervous

Easier said than done, right? If you are nervous, just make sure that you don't act it. Just be cool, confident and collected when you are approaching the girl you are into. She'll be able to see your nervousness and who knows, maybe she'll find it endearing. Girls are easier to talk to and approach if you are another girl, so just get out there!

7 Keep the Tone Light

Don't make it too awkward when you finally do go about asking her out. After all, why should it be awkward? If you've just started hanging out or if you've just met, it should be easy to slip into something light and airy, not serious!

8 Ask to Hang out Casually

Finally, don't make a date a big huge deal, just keep it light! Asking a girl to hang out casually is something simple and you don't have to make a big deal out of it. It's just hanging out, right?

So girls, there are tons of different ways to ask a girl out, but these tips should help build you up to it. What other tips do you have to ask a girl out if you're a girl? Share!

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