7 Tips on How to Make Him Brag about You ...


Do you want to know how to make him brag about you? You know, the most important guy in your life, your boyfriend or your husband? I think all women love when they know that their guy is happy and showing it by the way they talk about them. Let me give you a few little tips on how to make him brag about you.

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Watch Football with Him

Watch football with your guy. One of the best options for how to make him brag about you is to watch whatever he is watching. It doesn’t have to be football. Whatever he is watching works. Most guys love to have time doing something together, including watching TV.


Cook for Him

Most guys love when you cook for them. My husband is a wonderful cook and does a fabulous job every time he turns the stove on, but he still loves when I cook for him. This is especially true when I fix his favorite meals. Most guys appreciate a girl that will cook for them once in a while and brag about her.


Show Your Intelligence

Having a smart girl on his arm is a credit to his intelligence, too. You don’t have to hide your intelligence in front of the guy in your life. Most men respect a girl that has knowledge. If you have something valuable to add to a conversation when the two of you are chatting with someone, go right ahead. It can not only give a different point of view but it will also give him something to brag about to his friends.


Buy Great Gifts

Men love getting gifts as much as we do. They want a totally different kind of gift, of course, but they love receiving them just the same. Try to think in his world when you shop for him. Think about his interests and things he enjoys. A good gift is something he will tell everyone about.


Wear the Jewelry He Buys You

You know, your guy may have really different taste than you do, but most guys really try hard when it comes to gift giving. I think this is especially true when they buy jewelry because they intend for it to be meaningful to us. Sometimes you will want to return things, but try to give whatever he chose for you a try and see if you can learn to appreciate it. It usually means a lot to the men in our life.


Love His Mama

Okay, sometimes this is just not possible. Sometimes his mom is a person that you totally clash with. But as much as you can, try to appreciate his family. They are important to him and your efforts to see that will not be wasted. A guy always notices how the girl in his life treats his family and especially his mom.


Welcome the Guys

The friends your boyfriend or husband has are very important to him. Accepting that about him will make him love you that much more. If you really want to score points with him then make it a point to make them welcome in your home. If your boyfriend or husband likes to have his buddies over, try to keep their favorite snacks stocked for them. If they can get a little irritating, find your own activity to do while they are there.

These 7 little tips are things that will make your guy brag about you to everyone. What things have you noticed that can make your guy brag about you? Share with us!

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I do most of that and my guy is pretty much to into his self to give anyone else credit for anything... Doesn't work

That's so funny I can't believe that actual works for people I'm gonna tell everyone about that and what cite

Like the tips a lot. Hope so it works well on my hubby

okay the gifts bit, is wrong

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