The Ultimate Flirting Checklist for Every Woman with a Crush ...


The Ultimate Flirting Checklist for Every Woman with a Crush ...
The Ultimate Flirting Checklist for Every Woman with a Crush ...

If you're going to flirt with a guy, there are a few things you need. Otherwise, you aren't going to have much luck with him. It's always better to be prepared, which is why you should prep a little before walking up to him. So if there's a special guy that's caught your eye, here are a few things to put on your flirting checklist:

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Confidence Confidence is the sexiest quality that a woman can have. Before you walk up to your crush, listen to an empowering song or read through some motivational quotes. Do whatever you can to get yourself pumped. After all, if you believe that you actually have a chance with him, there's a better chance that you'll actually end up with him. That's the power of positive thinking!


A Smile

A Smile You don't want to walk over to him with a blank stare on your face and then go on a rant about how much you hate your life. Men respond well to positivity. You need to put on your most charming smile and then initiate a conversation about something fun and fresh! It's always nice to hear someone talk about a hobby they're passionate about, so try starting there!


Breath Mints

Breath Mints You never know where your flirting will take you. If you two end up getting nice and cozy, you might end the night with a kiss. You don't want your breath to smell bad when that happens, which is why you should always carry around some gum or a breath mint. Even if you don't end up smooching, you don't want him to smell something stinky while you're talking to him, either.


Eye Contact

Eye Contact When you talk to your crush, make sure you look him in the eyes. If that's too intimidating, then try looking at the spot in between his eyebrows, right above his nose. That's a trick that some public speakers use. It'll make it appear like you're looking him directly in the eyes, but you won't feel as nervous.


A Great Outfit

fashion, screenshot, interaction, IFELLASLEEPLASTnIGHT, inewgirl, Looks aren't everything. He can still feel attraction for you, even when you think you look like a mess. Of course, when you wear a sexy outfit, you'll feel better about yourself. That means that you're more likely to attract attention.


An Opening Line

human action, image, nose, organ, sense, If you're going to walk over to your crush, you need to have something prepared to say. "Hello" is a great opening line, but you don't want to rely on him to carry the entire conversation. That's why you should think of a few topics ahead of time, like a few funny anecdotes about your pet, that you can bring up during the conversation.


A Signature Scent

A Signature Scent Have you ever been turned on by the scent of a man's cologne? Well, men love smells just as much as we do. That's why you should spritz on a perfume that you love before you walk up to him. Men tend to respond the best to vanilla and lavender, so think about buying those scents. Just don't overdo it, because you don't want to make him sneeze and cough.


Back-up Topics

hair, person, woman, image, photography, Just in case the topics you thought of prior to your approach don't go anywhere with your crush, it's always handy to have a few back-up options for topics in mind, should this happen. There's nothing more awkward than feeling prepared with a few good conversation starters, only to have them met with awkward silence or something equally as bad!


A Sense of Humour

color, hair, facial expression, red, person, Along with confidence and a smile, it's also worth using your sense of humour to win over your crush and make chatting with him a little easier with laughter! If you're naturally quite funny then this will probably be super easy, but if not, all you need to do is think of a few funny jokes to show off your funny and sociable side!


A Positive Attitude

hair, person, blond, singing, the, Above all you should have a positive attitude! There's no point approaching your crush with a defeatist attitude or procrastinating because you're nervous, honestly! You have nothing to lose, so why not go for it while you can and strike up a conversation with your crush...with a bit of flirting for good measure, of course!

If you're going to flirt with a guy, you should have all of the necessities. What other things should you put on your flirting checklist?

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This check list is very helpful, Holly. I have tried a few of these tips. Like when I got up the nerve to actually talk to him I said "Hey..." I was shy about that. And then i just started with some random questions like how were his final exams going. And the convo just went from there. It helped that he asked me questions too though, lol.

Really liked it. This may very helpful, thank you

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