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Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Sagittarius Man ...

By Melly

Have you ever felt like there might be something missing between you and your partner in the bedroom? All the love might be there, and all the enthusiasm might be there, but maybe there is just something that isn’t quite clicking between the two of you when it comes to the ins and out of your sex life? Even if you aren’t someone who necessarily believes in or follows a lot of astrology, it can never hurt to dip a toe in to take a look, right? Here are the 10 top tips for the best sex with a Sagittarius man.

1 Clingy

Try not to be clingy with him, both in bed and out of it. He doesn’t like to feel like he is being depended on and invested in too much, even when you are making love. He likes his space, so after you have done the deed, don’t expect a lot of spooning!

2 Define

Don’t be too quick to try to define your relationship with him, especially if it’s early days. He doesn’t want to feel like he is being boxed in too soon, so be careful about putting words on things that haven’t been established yet.


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3 Predictable

He can’t stand it if things get too predictable in the bedroom. Be open to trying lots of new and exciting things to keep him interested and as turned on as possible. He will find you sexier if you are open to trying everything!

4 Familiarity

For some reason, Sagittarius guys don’t like it when they start to feel too much familiarity in their interactions with you. I suppose it is to do with the fact that he prefers an air of mystery in his sex life, so try to keep a little something of yourself back.

5 Chase

He is the kind of guy who absolutely loves the thrill of the chase, even more than the comfort of a long term relationship! Indulge in a big game of cat and mouse with him and he will be more turned on than ever.

6 Adventurous

As far as he is concerned, the more adventurous, the better! Think about all of the sex games and situations that you have never been brave enough to try before, and pick a few that you might be willing to cross the line with!

7 Fun

A big thing for a Sagittarius guy is that sex never get too serious. He has a big sense of humour and he prefers it if things are kept light and funny rather than getting too intense and ‘adult’.

8 Massage

Something he wants but that he might not have built up the courage to tell you yet is a nice sensual massage. He likes the idea of having every inch his body paid attention to in a tactile way.

9 Open Minded

All he really wants is for you to stay as open minded as possible. The thought of having boring sex for the rest of his life is something that will really kill his libido!

10 Hips and Thighs

Something to keep in mind is that his biggest erogenous zones are his hip area and his inner thighs, so make to remember that when you are thinking about which places to kiss and touch him during foreplay!

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