15 Types of Women That Men do Not Want to Marry ...


I’ve recently read a very funny article written by Samantha Daniels, who is a well-known professional matchmaker and relationship expert, about different types of women that men do not want to marry. I must admit that this subject really got me thinking about all the little yet quite annoying things a woman can do to chase away the man of her dreams. This is why, if you are trying to find the perfect man and get married, you need to know about the things you might be doing wrong and you need to be smart about your dating. So, just read on and find out about those 15 types of women that men do not want to marry.

1. Miss “Extremely Jealous”

If we’re talking about types of women that men do not want to marry, we must surely include this very popular type of lady. She is always very distrusting and suspicious and even though she might have been hurt in the past, this is not an excuse for behaving like this in all her relationships. So, that’s why, most of the time, guys will break up with her because after all “no one can go through his life being prosecuted for somebody else's crimes.”

Miss “Bossy”


Heather Jensen
@Grace, I'll make that article for you! :) Guys should know what we want to marry into! ;)
Im like miss loves to gossip
True dat
@Grace exactly. I\'m so happy not all women buy into this. 😊
@Julia so true! If you cant be yourself around a person why would you want to marry them anyways? There\'s a lot of annoying things guys do but there aren\'t any articles on \"what girls won\'t want to marry\"...
Wow i wonder which one i am.
Even though we should be proud of who we are, we shouldn\'t make excuses to be bitchy! Too much of anything is unhealthy. Take a nap, drink some coffee, and tone down your flaws step by step
I think we all can be guilty of a time or two being some of the things listed; they\'re all personality traits.. However anytime I\'m pointed out doing something \"annoying,\" I just shove right back ...
@Julia exactly!!
✋ guilty, I can be miss. bossy at times 😔
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