7 Ways to Create an Awesome Online Dating Profile ...


Online Dating Profiles are super important if you're one of the ladies hoping to meet Mr. Right via an online dating website. Your online dating profile is almost like your resume for a job. It's a way you can sell yourself to the next great guy out there. Below, I've got the top 7 ways you can create the best and most awesome online dating profile so you can meet Mr. Right in no time at all!

1. Package Yourself

When you're placing yourself online via an online dating profile, it's important for you to package yourself. Make sure that you take the right photo, write the right things about yourself and give him some visual options that express you. If you like dogs, take a pic of you and post it with your furry friend. If you are outdoorsy, why not take a picture of you hiking? It'll let him know your likes without you having to say a word!

Remember the Target Guy
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