12 Amazingly Effective Tips on How to Find a Boyfriend in under a Month ...


12 Amazingly Effective Tips on How to Find a Boyfriend in under a Month ...
12 Amazingly Effective Tips on How to Find a Boyfriend in under a Month ...

Wondering How To Find a Boyfriend and doing absolutely nothing about it won’t get you anywhere girl! I’ve seen the weather forecast for the week and, believe me, nobody said anything about raining men any time soon! I’ve noticed that a lot of girls act this way nowadays – they are stressed out, they claim there are no good men out there anymore, their self esteem is low and they genuinely believe every person that is not single has just had more luck than them! Well, let me share a few tips on how to find a boyfriend because I can absolutely guarantee that we are all presented with the same opportunities and the only thing that differs is the way we choose to act. And here are the promised 12 tips on how to find a boyfriend that will certainly help you figure out your “weak” spots and motivate you to take control of your own destiny!

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When you’re stuck in a rut and your daily, weekly or even monthly activities involve work, home and maybe an occasional coffee with your BFF you’re not really giving a fair chance! Where the hell are you planning to meet all those interesting guys, sister? They won’t just show up on your doorstep! Reconnect, socialize, go places and you’ll realize that your little town is actually full of interesting, available, cute men!



Smile opens many doors, it warms up hearts, brings light into a dark room and is, without any doubt, a very good answer to the question “how to find a boyfriend”! Smile, girl, because smile is the most powerful seduction weapon!



Find an affordable gym, make sure it’s not one of those women-only places and start visiting it whenever your schedule allows! Invest in a cute gym outfit or two, experiment with different gym-friendly hairstyles (ponytail, braid, bun…) to find the one that looks best on you and… action! Spot a cute guy, smile, ask him to help you with something and you’ve successfully accomplished the first part of the mission.


Be Friendly

Being friendly with people you’ve met is the second part of your mission and that pretty much means you won’t totally ignore the gym cutie that helped you two days ago but smile and say “hi” the next time you see him! This is one of those tips on how to find a boyfriend you simply must use in order to succeed because you can’t make new friends (or find new boyfriends) if you make yourself unavailable for even the most basic, polite conversation.


Throw a Party

Throw a party at your place, invite all of your friends and don’t forget to tell them to bring their friends! You can invite a couple of colleagues, too or even that gym cutie we’ve discussed previously! As a party host, you’ll have to mingle and chat up guests which is a perfect excuse to get to know the interesting (and single) ones a little bit better!


Be Outgoing and Outdoorsy

Being a stranger in a big city has though me this – if you need company to go out, you’re doomed to spend the most of your time indoors! Go out, you don’t need a friend to grab a cup of coffee, walk your dog, to visit the museum, a gallery opening or to browse shops! Bring a book or a magazine and read in the park! And believe me -you’ll have guys waiting in lines to talk to you in no time!


Start a Conversation

Still wondering how to find a boyfriend? Well, here’s an idea – why not engage in casual conversations more often? Let the cute salesmen in your favorite book shop help you to pick your new favorite, smile to a fellow shopper in the supermarket and compliment his choice of food, ask that buff Vin Diesel type of cutie to help you with a huge watermelon you want to buy or find an item on the highest shelf (which you can’t reach, of course) and ask for help.


Three is a Perfect Number

Next tip on how to find a boyfriend would be to limit the number of people you normally go out with! Bring two friends only for at least one good reason – guys find our habit of travelling in packs intimidating and would rarely approach a girl knowing that there are 5 of her BFFs around judging his every move!


Be Brave

Like a guy? Send him a drink! Ask a guy out even if it doesn’t sound like you’re asking him to go on a date. Say, “Hey, I’m about to grab a coffee, you want to keep me company? I really hate drinking my coffee alone (cute pout)”. He won’t be able to resist you! My fiancé is like the shyest guy in the world - I literally had to wear a sign just to get him to talk to me and yet… in the end of the day (and especially after a few years) nobody really cares who started hitting on whom! Try- it really doesn’t hurt ne bit!



Flirting is a game for two and, believe it or not, women are the ones responsible for pressing “start” button! Let that cutie across the room notice that you’re looking at him, give him something to work with! Guys don’t have special powers, sister! They can’t read minds! Take control because wondering how to find a boyfriend while doing everything you can not to let your potential dates see that you’re interested certainly isn’t the best strategy!


Be out There

Being outgoing is one thing, putting yourself out there is something completely different and although these two work best together, you might find yourself surrounded by people and completely alone in the same time! It doesn’t mean you’re ugly, unattractive or whatever it is that you’re worried about! It just means that you’re not sending “single and looking” vibes! Tune in, look around, take a moment to notice the world around you and you’ll see there’s at least one guy out there, patiently waiting for you to wake up and finally notice him.


Body Language

My final tip on how to find a boyfriend would be to start using the power Mother Nature had given us – body language! You’ve probably noticed that some women get more attention than others, you might have even wondered why is that so and now you know! It’s their body language – the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they play with their locks…

No need to wonder how to find a boyfriend anymore because now you know everything there is to know! Just be cool, be yourself and keep your eyes and options opened! Do you have any cool tips on how to find a boyfriend to share?

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im about to move soon so ill defiatly use these tips to get in a realtionship thnxs

Hopefully I'll find a boyfriend soon </3

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