3. Address the Facts

When you're dealing with dishonesty, the best way to deal with it is to truly address the facts. Lay it all out in front of your guy and see how he responds. That is actually one way to truly see if he cares, to see how he reacts to your findings of his dishonesty.

Talk It out


Heather Jensen
Hi Jill! Thanks for the comment. To be honest, I would say you need to confront him on that. It's hard, but you need to make sure that he is being honest.
I need help!!! My boyfriend was texting his son's mom inappropriately and I caught him...it has stopped since then...but obviously they have to talk because of his son and I am struggling to accept th...
@Heather, He does not want to go for therapy ..... I think he will never change I have to shut my mouth for ever.
@Sheila, I am trying but just after his all drama of guilty I saw his e mails where he showed that his wife is v clever and da girl was saying plz delete my emails otherwise your wife wi ll again cre...
Hey Anon, that does seem really, really rough. Have you thought about seeking therapy with him? Trying to really work it out and work through your hate?
I'm so sorry to hear that! It is your decision of course whether or not to forgive him and give him another chance but please, please take your time with the decision. I know it's hard especially beca...
Ya my husband did this . I had no idea that he could do that . I saw him with girl in photos he had 2 affairs at one time . I am still living with him I hate him whenever see him I just can't bare but...
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