21 Ways to Get Him to Chase YouπŸ‘±β¬…οΈπŸƒ=πŸ’• Instead of You Chasing Him ...


Tired of doing all the chasing? It's time to turn the tables to have HIM chase you. You're the definition of cool so why wouldn't he?! If you're looking for ways to get him to chase you, here's how:

1. Stop Doing the Chasing. Change Your Perspective on the Game

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These tactics can be used at any point in a relationship, from the very beginnings to well into a marriage. If you want to change up the status quo and find ways to get him to chase you instead of you chasing him, it is totally doable. All you need to do is stop. Stop chasing him. There may a bit of a standstill before the tide turns but if he cares about you, rest assured that it will turn.

Show off a Pair of Killer Heels


Anyone understand with how long you need to pull back? should I wait until he wants to talk to me or should I wait a really long time like a month and talk to him? 😖
I'm going to try it :)
Bhatt Neha
I just love this app so much... So informative n entertaining it is... All these girly stuff rocks
Bhatt Neha
Confidence = sexy gal
Bhatt Neha
True gals 😎
This is a process! & I'll work hard to do it. Practice is the key! I'll be trying everything! I'll share results soo
@Teresa its never hard when u learn how to master it! Practice practice practice
It's hard indeed, especially when you like the guy. This is a great article though, pulling back does work. It is so important for us women to remember that WE are the prize and to just sit back and wait for our guy to win us over. Be confident ladies!
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