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7 Ways to Get over Your First Love ...

By RikkiLynn

Finding ways to get over your first love can be difficult. They say no matter how it ends, a woman never forgets her first love. The best thing to do is follow your heart. There is no love like your first, so give yourself time and fate will soon take it’s course. If you’re having trouble finding your way, here are 7 ways to get over your first love.

1 Take Time to Cry

When finding ways to get over your first love, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with crying. In fact, it’s only natural. Bottling up your emotions wont be good later, so letting it all out as much as possible now is most effective. Whether it’s crying alone in your room or to a close friend, in the end, you’re guaranteed to feel much better. Crying will help release any sadness, anger, or confusion you might have.

2 Vent to a Friend

As weak as you feel right now, letting it all out is one of the best options. Talking to a close friend or family member about your first love will most definitely help you feel better. Having a friend by your side at an emotional time like this is what you need the most. Knowing someone will take your pain and carry it along with them should make you feel more confident and give you faith that things will get better.

3 Dispose of All Evidence

When I say dispose of all evidence, I mean it. Having reminders scattered around about your first love will never help you get over them. Go through all of the letters he gave you, sweaters he’s lent you, gifts he’s gotten you, and get rid of them all. Also, don’t forget to delete all text messages and pictures you have saved on your phone. This may be hard, but eventually you’ll forget about these things and move on.

4 Cut off Communications

When trying to get over your first love, a common question that always arises eventually is "Should I call him?" No, you shouldn’t. You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment in the end. If need be, he’ll call you. Delete his number. Delete all of his voice mails, text messages and past phone calls. Any evidence that he has ever called you should be gone. You may be at the point where you’re just itching to call him however, doing so will only make you feel worse, and getting over him will be much harder. If it’s meant to be, he’ll call you first. Meanwhile, forget he ever existed.

5 Take It as a Lesson

This was your first love and I assume your first heartbreak. Turn the pain into a lesson. Take time to look back and reflect on the things you’ve done wrong/right. Learn from your mistakes, and even learn from his. Think about what you two could’ve done better to keep the relationship going. Keep these things in mind next time and eventually things will get easier and true love will fall into place naturally.

6 Focus on Yourself

After a breakup, focusing on simple every day tasks can be tough. Although you’ve taken plenty of time to sulk in sadness, you can still pick yourself right back up. Now that you’re alone, take some time to focus on yourself, and what you want to do. It’s all about you now. Strive for something you’ve been wanting for a while, or try doing something you’ve always wanted to do. It’s your chance to shine.

7 Remember, This Isn’t the End

This isn’t your last love, or even your last heartbreak. There are plenty of guys in the world who you’ll fall in love with, and many who you’ll even fall out of love with. There are plenty of people whose paths you just haven’t even come close to crossing yet. Don’t lose hope. One guy should not be responsible for controlling all of your emotions for the rest of your life. One day, you’ll meet the one guy who made you realize why it never worked with anyone else. You just need to be patient.

Getting over a first love is one of the hardest things a girl can do. There are plenty of more ways to get over your first love then the 7 I’ve listed above. Can you think of any more? What did you do to get over your first love? The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your head held high. Love yourself before anyone else.

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