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7 Ways to Improve Your Flirting Abilities ...

By Holly

If you’re slacking in the boy department, there are ways to improve your flirting. There are simple things that you can start doing now that will benefit you in the near future. All you have to remember is that you can get him! Here are some ways to improve your flirting that you should take advantage of.

1 Talk to Yourself

Despite how badly it's treated you in the past, the mirror is your new best friend. When no one else is home, talk to yourself in front of the mirror. Watch your expressions to see how beautiful you look when you smile a certain way, or how silly you look when you play with your hair. By watching yourself, you’ll realize what does and doesn’t work for you. One of the best ways to improve your flirting is by pinpointing what you do best, and sticking to it.

2 Be Brave

You can’t flirt with a boy if you’re too scared to make eye contact with him. Take small steps. Start by smiling at him when you see him. Work your way up to talking to him like you would to any other man, and once you feel comfortable, start to flirt. You don’t have to be dramatic or blunt. Just compliment him on little things, or occasionally touch his arm.


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3 I Spy

It’s time to put your people watching skills to the test. If you’re on a bus next to a flirty couple, press pause on your iPod and listen to their conversation. See how they interact with each other, and how well they seem to get along. Keep in mind that every situation is different. What works for one couple won’t necessarily work for you.

4 Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is the only way you’ll get better at something. If you’re too frightened to flirt with your crush, flirt with other men first. Make sure that your test subjects are strangers that you won’t see often. If you flirt with a friend, you run the risk of leading them on. Instead, stick to flirting with the cute waiter you only see every once in a while.

5 Think Ahead

Some people get flustered when they’re put on the spot. Think about how you’re going to approach your crush ahead of time. When would be the best time to strike? How will you greet him? Consider all of the things that you could say, so that when the moment arrives, you have something partially planned out.

6 Guess and Check

Every guy is different. What one man responds poorly to, another man may love. Remember how your old math teacher taught you to guess and check? That’s what you have to do with boys. Try teasing him, and see what his response is. If he isn’t amused, then try out another technique.

7 Act Natural

Even though everyone tells you to ‘be yourself,’ it can be hard to follow their advice. What if you don’t feel like you’re good enough for your crush? You have to push any thoughts of self-degradation away. Tell yourself that any boy would be lucky to have you. Once you start believing that, you’ll feel more confident, and won’t be scared to be yourself.

There’s nothing stopping you from flirting with the boy of your dreams! Go for it, and see if you get a relationship out of the deal. Are you shy around your crush, or completely confident?

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