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If you’ve been through a breakup recently or maybe even not so recently, you might be looking for ways to keep your mind off a breakup. We all know breakups are awful and hard to get through. You feel like you’re missing a piece of you and it can seem like nothing or no one can help you get through this horrible time. While you want to allow yourself time to grieve, you don’t want to spend endless hours fixating on the past and trying to figure out what went wrong. Keep reading below for some helpful ways to keep your mind off a breakup and cope.

1. Cut off Contact

Cut off Contact

One of the best ways to keep your mind off a breakup is to avoid any contact with your ex. Calling, texting, emailing or checking for updates on social media outlets isn’t likely going to change anything, and holding on to the hope that there could possibly be a reconciliation won’t allow you to live your life and move forward. Don’t tempt or torture yourself by trying to keep in contact with your ex. It’ll only make recovery harder and it’ll make artificially idealizing your ex and the relationship easier.



Me n my bf broke up 4 months ago. He wanted to stay as friends. Initially he did texted me at least once a week. Recently he stopped texting me n I'm the one who started to text him first. I still lov...
Very Helpful.
My bf and I broke up a month ago and we decided to stay friends so we've been texting a bit since then usually started by me. Last week I decided to stop texting him but then he texted me five days la...
Heather Jensen
@Darlene, have you tried to reach out to him besides calling? Have you went over to his house at all? Sometimes guys just need space. :)
My bf seems to be a runaway man! he never contact me three days since the last time we talk. i've tried to call him but his phone is off. i feel so clueless of what is happening to him, to us..?? feel...
Broke up with the bf today.. It's been a tough day. Some of this stuff really helps..
I hate the whole dating thing :: to complicated
@Stephanie don't text him. Get the book " why men love bitches" and follow it to a T. :)
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