8. Exercise

Exercising is another fantastic, healthy way to boost your confidence after a breakup. Not only does it give you an endorphin boost, but it also strengthens your mind and body to help you see just how amazing you are. Often times while youโ€™re exercising, you realize youโ€™re stronger than you know and realize just how awesome you and your body truly are.

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I also disagree with changing hair... Sometimes you need to feel in control of something and need change to move on and re-doing your hair gives you a new feel and maybe go out and pamper yourself. Ge...
Fai P Wong
needed this. Thank you !!
My boyfriend just broke up with me too..this is helpful!
My boyfriend recently broke up with me...def needed this so thanks!
Emily Roy
Disagree with changing hair! If you have the right hairdresser and you really think it through. It was the best decision I made I was more confident and loved my new look! Have yet to jump into dating tho :/
Wow...thnk u!!
Courtney Belaire
Needed this. Thank you,
I needed this too! X
Recently broke up with my boyfriend needed this thank you so much 💜
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