How to Break up Mindfully and with Dignity ...

Breaking up is hard to do. We humans have never been good at it and I think we’ve made it even worse in the modern world – break up by text, break up by email – seriously? And now, I hear of a new way called “ghosting”. This is where you end a relationship simply by ceasing communication with your partner. That’s horrible. No matter how your feelings have changed, you deserve to treat your partner and yourself – with dignity when breaking up. You may have lost respect for them as your partner but this person is still well, a person. How do you break up mindfully?

1. Accept That It’s over

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One of the most important ways to break up with dignity is to acknowledge within yourself the relationship really is over. You will never be able to truly move on if part of you cannot accept that this part of your life is over. So preserve your dignity, stop yourself from starting to appear desperate and force yourself to acclimatize to your new circumstances.

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