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How to Be a Mature Ex Girlfriend ...

By Holly

You don't want to be the girl your ex tells horror stories about. That's why you should try to treat him respectfully after the breakup. That can be hard to do, but it'll make you feel like a better person at the end of the day. So here are a few ways to be a mature ex girlfriend:

1 Don’t Badmouth Him

Don’t Badmouth Him Don't go around, telling lies about him to all of your friends. The relationship is over, so try to forget about him.

2 Don’t Badmouth His New Girlfriend

Don’t Badmouth His New Girlfriend His new girlfriend didn't do anything to you. It's not her fault that you two were interested in the same man.

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3 Return His Stuff

Return His Stuff Don't burn the clothes he left at your house. Don't toss them out of your window, either.

4 Don’t Brag about Your New Boyfriend

Don’t Brag about Your New Boyfriend You don't need to throw your new boyfriend into your old boyfriend's face. He's upset enough about the breakup. Don't purposely try to make it worse.

5 Don’t Stalk Him

Don’t Stalk Him Stop looking through his Instagram and Facebook. You're not going to like what you see, anyway.

6 Don’t Make Your Friends Pick Sides

Don’t Make Your Friends Pick Sides If your friends are also friends with your ex, don't throw a fit whenever they choose to hangout with him. Your breakup isn't their problem.

7 Don’t Argue in Public

Don’t Argue in Public If you're going to fight with your ex, at least do it in private. Don't air your dirty laundry for everyone to see.

8 Don’t Try to Get Revenge
Revenge doesn't taste as sweet as everyone says. You don't want your anger to take control of you, or you'll end up regretting your actions.

9 Break up with Him in Person
If you're the one ending the relationship, make sure you do it face-to-face. Texting him is too impersonal.

10 Don’t Run the Other Way when You See Him

Don’t Run the Other Way when You See Him If you see him in public, don't freak out. Put on your fake smile, walk up to him, and say hello.

11 Never Drunk Text Him
You don't want to seem desperate by getting wasted and sending him texts about how much you miss him, or how much you hate him. Keep your phone far away if you're going to be consuming any alcohol.

12 Don’t Talk about Him Online
Don't make vague statuses about him. Don't make statuses that are blatantly about him, either.

13 Don’t Rebound Unless You Really Want to
Don't sleep with a stranger to make him jealous. Unless you genuinely want to make out with a new guy, there's no reason to do it.

14 Don’t Use Drugs or Alcohol to Cope

Don’t Use Drugs or Alcohol to Cope These things aren't going to numb your pain. Don't expect them to make you feel better, because they'll only make you feel worse.

15 Don’t Force a Friendship

Don’t Force a Friendship You don't have to prove your maturity by being friends with him. Sometimes, it's better to delete his number and keep him out of your life.

16 Don’t Try to Get Back Together

Don’t Try to Get Back Together Unless you two have changed since you broke up, don't try to get him back. The relationship will just end up failing again.

17 Be Happy That He’s Happy

Be Happy That He’s Happy Try to be happy for your ex. Even though your relationship didn't work out, it doesn't make him a horrible person. You liked him once, so be happy that he's happy.

If you follow this advice, your ex won't have anything bad to say about you. Do you think you've handled your past breakups in a mature way?

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