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Why You Need Date Nights ...

By Neecey

After the honeymoon period is over, in marriage and long term relationships, it’s easy to fall into a comfortable routine. This routine can make you complacent, you can fall into a rut and the spark can go out of your relationship. It doesn’t mean you care less about each other but you’ve lost sight of how important it is to show each other your love, caring and passion. That’s why you need date nights.

1 Priorities

One reason why date nights are essential is that is show that both you and your partner still regard the strength of your relationship as one of your top priorities. When you have been together for a long time, it can be very easy to get in to a comfort zone of staying at home and not going out, and this is far from the most romantic situation. Also, if you have kids and busy jobs, it shows each of you that the other still really cares and wants to devote some special time to just you as a couple.

2 Keeps the Flame Going

Having regular date nights is the perfect way to ensure that the flame and spark in your relationship continues to be present, no matter how many years you have been together. Continuing to go out to restaurants and to the movies and bowling (or whatever) will bring back memories of your early dating days when everything was still super exciting and fresh, and you will be able to feel some of this energy still.


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3 Escapism

Blocking out a few hours of your busy schedule each week to dedicate solely to you and your partner can provide you with a window of much needed escapism away from the pressures of kids, jobs, and all other responsibilities. Even if it is just managing to get down to the local Chinese restaurant for a peaceful meal, it will give your mind a rest and allow you to spend some private time with the person that you love.

4 Motivation

The thought of a regular date night can be inspiration and motivation for some women (and men!) to continue to take pride in their personal appearance and not get too behind and comfortable with slouching around outside of work. Having something to dress up for and look forward too is really fun, and it gives you an excuse to buy all those lovely clothes and expensive make up sets that you have always wanted!

5 Gives You an Excuse

And to expand on the point about having an excuse, having a regular date night will let you get away with many frivolous purchases than usual! A lot of guys get annoyed when their girlfriends go shopping and spend money on stuff that they don’t think is essential, but if you tell them that you are shopping to be able to look great for them when you go out, you will get away with so much more!

6 Create Memories

Have you ever noticed that a lot of stories that couples tell are always about their early dating years? This is because most of the memorable times happen when they are still going out on dates, so continue to create memories in your relationship by getting out together as much as you can.

7 Remind Him

Get some spark back in the relationship by making him feel like he’s starting from scratch again. Make him do everything the proper way by wining and dining you first, he’ll soon remember how lucky he is to have you!

What you shouldn’t feel is that date nights are the thing that will keep your relationship healthy strong and long. It’s just one factor in maintaining a connection and sharing your love for each other, but date nights are easy to commit to and they are fun too!

Do you have regular date nights?

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