Why Your Friend Thinks You're Boring Now You're in a Relationship ...


It’s hard to maintain your friendship circle when you’re in a relationship unless you make the conscious effort to do so. If you aren’t managing to still be one of fun, fully-engaged members of your friend groups, these are the reasons why:

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Less Girls Nights

Less Girls Nights One of the ways friendships change when you’re in a relationship is that you just don’t have as much free time to spend with your BFF anymore. She can take this super personally.



NO MORE WING WOMAN You are not an effective wing woman anymore because she thinks that you have forgotten what it feels like to be single and on the prowl.


‘We’ is Different

‘We’ is Different The word ‘we’ used to mean you and her, but now your use of the word means you and your boyfriend, so that could hurt her feelings a little.


No More Sleepovers

No More Sleepovers You probably have less sleepovers now that there is likely to be somebody else taking up that side of your bed.


No All-night Club Outings

No All-night Club Outings You are probably more eager to get home to your boyfriend after a night out now, so no more shutting down the club in the early hours together.


She’s Not the First to Hear Anymore

She’s Not the First to Hear Anymore She used to be the first person you told about every single new thing in your life, but now that honor goes to your boyfriend.


No More Shared Profile Pic

No More Shared Profile Pic That cure picture of the two of you has now been replaced by a pic of you and your new love; that can be tough to take.


No More Friendship Bracelet

No More Friendship Bracelet That friendship bracelet you used to wear has now been replaced by a promise ring that your lover gave you. You see it as growing up but she sees it as something else.


She’s Lost a Partner in Crime

She’s Lost a Partner in Crime You used to be the one who would go and bail her out (sometimes literally!) of a situation, but you have different commitments now and you have to divide your time.


No More Sexy Details

No More Sexy Details When you find your true love, it becomes more awkward to talk about your sex life because it feels more meaningful now. To her, it just feels like your shutting her out.


No More Making Fun of Him

No More Making Fun of Him When you first started dating, the two of you would make fun of him all the time, but now that the relationship is for real, you don’t want him to be the butt of all of her jokes anymore.


You Have Become What You Both Hated

You Have Become What You Both Hated You have started to be one of the public couples that posts kissing selfies on FB, the kind of couple that you and your friend used to rag on constantly.


You Don’t Get Ready Together Anymore

You Don’t Get Ready Together Anymore The pre-clubbing beauty routine used to be on point, but now you don’t have to go out to impress anyone so you’ve lost a little enthusiasm for it.


No More Cat Lady Jokes

No More Cat Lady Jokes You used to joke all the time about growing old together and becoming cat ladies, but now that you have somebody those jokes are no longer valid or funny.


No More Single NYE

No More Single NYE The countdown used to be fun between the two of you, but now you actually have somebody to kiss for real at midnight and your friend is left alone.


No More Dream Wedding Talk

No More Dream Wedding Talk You used to plan out your dream weddings together but now it just feels awkward because you are significantly closer to the actual reality than she is.


No More plus One

No More plus One She used to be your plus one to all boring family events and work parties, but now you bring your boyfriend and she misses all the fun.


Less Girl Trips

Less Girl Trips You like to spend your free time with your boyfriend when you have it, so that means less girl trips to different places.


No More Morning after Brunches

No More Morning after Brunches You can’t really go and dish all the details on your crazy nights anymore, because your night consisted of Chinese food and Netflix with the boyfriend.

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