9 Ways to Tell You're Too Comfortable in Your Relationship ...


Being comfortable in your relationship is something that is so, so good – but how can you tell when you are too comfortable in your relationship? How can you tell when the manners have gone out the window and when your partner knows that you aren't going anywhere – no matter what? I've got the top ways to tell that you and him or her are too comfortable in your relationship and you may need to spice things up a little bit!

1. You Miss the Quiet Time to Yourself

Being too comfortable in your relationship is not necessarily a bad thing, but do you find yourself missing the quiet time to yourself? This is something that can actually cause a lot of resentment in a relationship. If you need some alone time, tell your partner. I am sure that they won't mind if you take off for a few hours, as long as they know where you are going.

You Both Go to the Bathroom with the Door Open


Brandi T
Too comfortable is not a bad thing at all. It means you trust that person and there's no judgment exchanged. My guy is my best friend and we meet everything on this list... Lemme tell ya.. I have an absolutely amazing relationship
#2 isn't gross to me at all, I think it's awesome to be so comfortable with your partner and yourself!
Jane Alison
Can you be too comfortable?.. Is it wrong to throw a tanty whilst your partner taunts you until you turn psycho - then both enjoy a laugh at how mental you are???
No matter how comfortable Its always better to close door 😏
Melissa Rau
Yes for sure I have to say the same disgusting lol😁
# 2 is disgusting 😝
@Nicole Marie Goodwin that is true :)
Nicole Marie Goodwin
Too comfortable isn't always a bad thing though
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