How to Avoid ❌ Getting Crushed πŸ”¨ by a Crush πŸ’™ ...


You don't have to date a guy in order to have your heart broken.

There are plenty of girls who have had their feelings hurt by their crushes.

That's why you have to be careful once you develop feelings for someone.

Here are a few ways to avoid getting crushed by a crush:

1. Find out if He Has a Girlfriend Right Away

Find out if He Has a Girlfriend Right Away

Before you name your future kids, find out if he has a girlfriend.

If he does, then you can force yourself to stop thinking about him before your feelings become too strong.

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But I've never even talked to him he's just one of those fantasy crushes I'll never have a chance with
Just text him
I'm not sure if my crush has a girlfriend or not.... Don't think so but I've never talked to him before and I want to!
Also he is really good friend and I don't want to lose him
And I'm in my country for only 6 days after that i have to go back to my boarding school
I saw him last night at the club
Yeah i know but i can't without him
Let him do it, I don't recommend you do it first, he will end up missing you
Idk should i text him
And we are not talking for two months bcs i wasn't in the country
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