7 Signs He's More than Just a Friend ...


If you're confused about your feelings for a guy, look out for signs he's more than just a friend. It can be difficult to decide whether you want your boy friend to be your boyfriend. He's fun to hang out with, but is he someone you want to start a relationship with? If you're unsure about your own feelings, see if you're showing any signs he's more than just a friend.

1. All in the Eyes

When he walks away, do you find yourself staring? You wouldn't look at someone for longer than necessary unless there was a reason behind doing so. If there's a lull in the conversation, do you stare into each other's eyes for an extended period of time? One of the signs he's more than just a friend is if your eyes are always on him. It's an indication that you like what you see.

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@Timry Thank you!!! I appreciate it and can\'t wait to jab that bubble. Yes, I agree high school dating rules do more harm then good.
@Ciara haha who\'s gonna punch you in the face? Here\'s the thing work on yourself now to jump start a badass full of opportunity life , as in prep yourself for after high school because the dating r...
So I go to an extremely small school and I honestly feel like I\'ve just ended an extremely long relationship and don\'t know how to date. I\'ve only had one short relationship. In my school everybody...
Georgi W
@Lidia that\'s the thing that kills me too! The constant flirting! I\'m sure the right person is out there somewhere ;)
Or or if he\'s goin out with a lame chick and you think you are better than tell him this: \" you should dump her, and go out with me\". Bold and romantic
Haha that was a funny emo com I didn\'t know I had, if I were to say anything about this I\'d say most single guys would be siked if their best chick friend wanted to go out with them, if they aren\'...
I am in love with my best friend and I\'m not sure what to do. He has a girl friend but she is mean to him. He deserves better and it hurts me to watch him put up with her.
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