Signs You're Not Really in Love ...

So youโ€™re in love.

But are you?


Ask anyone and their definition of love will be different, but everyone will certainly recognize it when it hits them.

The thing about love, however, is that no matter which way you define it for yourself, it can trick you.

Your definition might be flawed or youโ€™re desperate for it, so you misinterpret what youโ€™re feeling.

Iโ€™ve got some #signs youโ€™re not really in love you might need to consider.

1. It is Always about You?

It is Always about You?

Self-absorbed people and vain people have a lot of trouble loving another person.

They may feel a lot of affection for another person, and may even feel that the other person is their โ€œone,โ€ but they find it hard to be in love with somebody.

When you are in love, you put the other person before yourself.

You would take a bullet for that person and give them your lungs because they take your breath away.

If you are self-absorbed or self-obsessed, you are probably not in love.