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If you are dating a gamer, welcome to a vast world that consists of clans, raids, quests, campers, leveling up and upgrades. While I know there are plenty of lovely ladies out there holding their own in the gaming world, there are also many that may need a bit of advice on dating a gamer. If you are new to gaming, here’s 7 awesome tips if you have snagged a cute gamer guy.

1. Let Him Have Gaming Time

Gamers need a lot of time to play their videogame of choice. It’s in his gaming nature to want to upgrade his weapons, gain experience points, unlock achievements and do other tasks the game calls for. If you don’t share his gaming passion, don’t complain. Rolling your eyes at him the entire time while he plays is a waste of time because he’s way too zoned out trying to kill the guy that just killed him to notice your eyeball theatrics. This is key when dating a gamer.

Find Your Inner Gamer


My husband and I met in an online game! We were friends online for 5 years before he decided to profess his affection for me. We now have an amazing marriage. It is so much fun to be with someone who ...
Celine May Ling
This is totally so true!! My boyfriend is an avid gamer and at times he would even forget to reply to my messages when he games. I used to get frustrated at him for doing this, but after reading this ...
Heather Jensen
Welcome to AWS Kristin! :) I agree, I'm a gamer too, so anyone I am with HAS to be a gamer too! :)
Luckily both my man and I are gamers. It's always fun to join in with him, especially in games such as Halo where we can be on the same 'team' and work together!
Sara McKee
Thanks lyndsie, I actually wasn't a gamer when I met my husband, thou he did manage to persuade me with the pretty clothes, shoes and Jewellery I could get. Also the fun of being a powerful hunter wit...
Lyndsie Robinson
Well put, Carmella! And you're absolutely right, anyone can get addicted to gaming, regardless of gender. Thanks for commenting!
Lyndsie Robinson
Clearly nerd gamers make great wives, as well! I love everything you said, Sara, I just wanted to tell you! You've got a great outlook, you've got everything in perspective, and you know how to share a hobby without being resentful. Kudos!
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