7 Tips to Finding the Right Guy ...


Finding the Right Guy often seems impossible.

It seems like all the girls these days are trying to find the right man.

Good men seem to be few and far between, but let me assure you they ARE out there.

I married one myself!

And I know lots of girls who have found genuine, sincere men who love them and treat them well.

And let me assure you, they are out there for you too!2

It may be a long time coming, but sometimes the best things take time.

Think of a baby.

It takes nine months to form!

Or a savings account.

It takes a while to accumulate those pennies, but who doesn't love a fat wad of cash?

But even though there are plenty of men out there, they're not all the RIGHT one for you.

So I've made a list with 7 tips to finding the right guy.

If you've had lousy luck lately, there could be a few things you need to tweak!2

Keep on reading for 7 tips to finding the right guy!2

1. Guys do Want Relationships

Guys do Want Relationships

I think one mistake girls make when they go looking for guys is thinking that men don't want a real relationship.

So they end up settling for flings or one night stands, thinking that's all they will ever be able to get.

I'm here to disprove that theory!

Guys DO want relationships, and as long as you're the type of girl who flits around, they will never respect you enough to settle down.

So stop thinking that men don't want to be with you for longer than one night, and start holding out for somebody great!

That's how you find the right guy.

Mr. Wrong Might Know Mr. Right


I just moved back home after graduating from college and I don't really have many friends here because I went to school out of state. I'm now back and I want to find a good guys. I know that I'm going to need to get out more and be more social but I was just wondering if anyone had some advice for what I can do. I'm taking am art class but there aren't really any men in the class. Any advice?
Hello! Welcome to AWS. I think this is the post for you: http://allwomenstalk.com/10-best-places-to-meet-eligible-men/ Enjoy and good luck! =)
Hun, There's nothing wrong with falling for your best friend, especially when you're spending a lot of time and sharing so much with him. To figure out whether or not he feels the same way, you need to make him feel special. Compliment him, flirt with him, be a little more touchy than usual, spend alone time with him and of course let him know through your actions that he means more than a friend. Hopefully he'll catch on to the hint and feel the same way about you. Good luck and thanks for reading AWS!
I just moved home after college and I don't really have many friends here (I went our of state for college). Does anyone have any advice for how to meet someone when you really don't have that much of a social life? I mean, obliviously get out more often. But where should I go to meet a good guy?
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