3. Don't Try so Hard

Don't Try so Hard

If you want a tip to finding the right guy, here it is: Stop trying so hard to make it happen.

Desperation often results in settling for whatever comes your way, and that's never good.

It will happen when it's time and not before then.

You don't need to throw yourself on every guy you see without a ring on his hand in order to find the right guy.

Just be patient and wait.

Good things DO come to those who wait, you'll see!2

There's Nothing Wrong with Having Standards


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Bolea Mioara Si Constantin
Bolea Mioara Si Constantin
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Great article.. I met 2 of my ex girlfriends on plenty of fish as well the woman I'm talking to now who is a dream come true...:)
Mikaela Hyuga
@cailey bendzen Sweetie, you're 12. Focus on school. Its what's best for you.
Heather Jensen
Hi Arlet! You never know! :)
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