3. Don't Try so Hard

Don't Try so Hard

If you want a tip to finding the right guy, here it is: Stop trying so hard to make it happen. Desperation often results in settling for whatever comes your way, and that's never good. It will happen when it's time and not before then. You don't need to throw yourself on every guy you see without a ring on his hand in order to find the right guy. Just be patient and wait. Good things DO come to those who wait, you'll see!

There's Nothing Wrong with Having Standards


Heather Jensen
Hi Nicki! I'd wait and see if he says that he loves you, that way you can push him into being forward and first!
Heather Jensen
Hi!! I know that you will meet someone new and that they will cherish you!
if u alyays tll the guy to hold ur hand and u be the 1st 1 to tell him u love him what does tht mean
So I have been single for 5,5 years and dated several guys during this time and had more random encounters with a few more. The ones I have dated the ending has always been the same, they lose their i...
Khen DynamMik
@GJ, Don't look for the right guy. Don't go hunting him down or expecting one to come to you by trying some fancy trick you found on one of those "Get Him to Crave You" webpages. There are no tricks. ...
Heather Jensen
Very true! Thank you so much for the advice June!
don't let your friends dictate your choices is my advice.
Heather Jensen
I'm so sorry Stephany! Just keep trying, I know that the right guy is out there for you. Promise.
Stephany Nicole Kay West
Ugh I've just wanted to give up. I can't catch a break when it comes to men. I seem to only meet guys who want sex and when they realize I'm not going to give it up they lose interest. Or they're not ...
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