8 Ways to Make You Stick in His Mind ...


What does it take to make a lasting impression on someone and make you stick in his mind? Charleyann sure seems to know. Follow Chareyann's tips and you're sure to pop up in his mind more often than not.

What does it take to be remembered? What do you have to do to keep popping up in his mind day after day? Sure you could just act nice and like you have no personality and just agree with everything he says… but hey, what’s the fun in that? Show some sass and act a little wild, but remember keep it all in moderation! Keep on reading for the best tips on how to make one heck of an impression!

1. Be Sassy but Not Cocky

Every man wants… no… NEEDS to be teased just a little bit. We’ve been told that teasing a man is the best way to get their attention; and it’s so true. Don’t give him all the control and even worse, don’t make him think he’s the only one that can pull some sarcasm out of their you-know-what.

Joke around


Heather Jensen
I definitely think that being yourself is super important, but sometimes you do gotta be willing to be into the things that he is into! :)
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you for the comment and for reading! :)
Tia Coss
@Cierra hmm how old are you ? Do you go to a coed school? If u don't mind me asking, maybe I could give you a bit of advice!!😉
Tia Coss
I really love these tips and the way the article was written so thanks Charleyann!
This is more of a " how to get a guy to like you " type article . If you aren't into sports or something your guy likes , then don't pretend to be . It's a huge turn off and makes your guy think you'r...
Really liked this one
Someone needs to make one if these for if your parents don't let you date
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