Bonafide💯 Ways for Dealing with Dating a Gym Rat🐭 ...


Gym rats are often so focused on sculpting their body to perfection that they might not notice how annoying they can become. But if you’re in a relationship with an exercise-addict, then you know the truth all too well! Luckily for you, if you’re struggling to deal with your gym rat I have some tips that might help!

1. Learn the Lingo

First thing’s first: you have to speak the same language, and the language of love doesn’t always cut it. If your bae comes home every night talking about reps, sets, and maxing out, it might sound like they’re speaking a different language! Ideally, they could leave that kind of talk at the gym, but it doesn’t hurt to try to learn the lingo so you can talk about their hobby more easily.

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I just recently started dating a gym rat.. And I am a plus size .... Ironic but true
Where was this a year ago 🙄 my ex bf dumped me for the gym!
Mary Joy Sajulga Vergara
My boyfriend is a gym rat.. He is sexy and fabulous... Sometimes i feel a little off but we go together just great.. He is proud to be with me.. He said im sexy and i tell him my goal.. Being sexy with flat tummy!
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