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7 Simple Yet Genius Ways to Make Any Guy Fall for You ...

By Helena

Winter is upon us and there’s no better way to stay warm than to have a handsome man by your side (or in your bed). Naturally, it’s not as easy as just finding a guy you’re interested in and making him yours. If love were that easy, we’d all be engrossed in another human being 24/7. You’ve kind of got to work at it, show off your strong suits, and approach him in such a way that he simply cannot resist you.

How do you do that? By following these simple yet genius tips.

1 Play It Cool

eyewear, human action, hair, person, nose,Men don’t overanalyse nearly as much as women do. Lord knows that I’ve had my fair share of near obsession over a guy, but essentially – it doesn’t get you anywhere (could someone please convince my mind of this?).

When you’re all up in his face trying to get his attention, he’s probably not going to conclude that you’re just a woman in love – he’s going to think of you as a crazy chick because annoyingly, the term “crazy” is thrown around way too easily when it comes to men. You’ve got to slowly but surely work your way into his mind by subtly catching his attention.

2 Talk about His Interests

facial expression, face, human action, person, nose,I don’t know a thing about football and I’m not in the slightest bit interested in playing pool or drinking beer, but if that’s what he likes – then heck, that’s what I like. Have him tell you about the time he scored the winning goal or when he won a game of beer pong and act as though it’s the most impressive thing you’ve heard all week.


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3 Be Chill

face, person, photograph, nose, image,Well, don’t be –too- chill, you don’t want the guy “friend-zoning’ you.

Essentially, you should be up for anything – an easy-going, fun-loving and happy girl who is easily amused at his funny (or lame) jokes. Don’t fuss too much about fancy outfits and sassy makeup just yet… that part comes later.

4 Flirt

human action, person, man, male, kiss,Flirt with him ever so slightly… but also show interest in his friends and other guys. Make him aware that you are a girl who is wanted by other men. Not in a whore-ish way, but in a - you don’t know what you’re missing - kind of way. When you show him that there’s a possibility he can’t get you but someone else can - he will want you even more because, let’s face it, we all want what we can’t have.

5 Put on a Show

hair, clothing, black hair, blond, leg,Once he’s got your attention, you should invite him out while wearing the sexiest outfit and makeup that he has yet to see.

Trust me, this works. After hanging out with a guy several times in seriously average clothes and boring makeup, then stepping up the game - the way that he looks at you when you’re dolled up will positively blow your mind.

6 Embrace Your Feminine Side

human action, person, vacation, photo shoot, romance,He’s seen you act cool, and he’s seen you be up for anything – now be the kind of girl that has sex appeal and a girly side. After seeing you dressed up and acting like a true woman, his opinion of you will sky rocket and the friend zone will be absolutely nowhere in sight.

7 Be Busy (and Post about It on Social Media)

human action, person, face, nose, photography,Once you’ve got his attention, bail. You’re a sassy, hot woman who has more than enough friends and potential dates to keep you busy. There’s no reason why you should be showing signs of desperation when he finally wants you.

On the other hand, don’t be –too- busy. You want the guy, so make him yours… after he’s sweat a bit, of course.

While I am always first to say how much I hate games in a relationship, there’s always going to be some kind of mind-f--- when it comes to getting the guy you want. And if that be the case – knock that game out of the park, girl.

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