How to Figure out What Your BF Wants for Christmas without Asking ...


How to Figure out  What Your BF Wants for Christmas without Asking ...
How to Figure out  What Your BF Wants for Christmas without Asking ...

You want to figure out what to get your boyfriend for the holidays, but you don't want to ask him directly. You want to surprise him with something special, but don't exactly know where to start. This can be somewhat nerve-wracking to try and find the perfect gift, especially if you've been together for a while, but look no further for the perfect gift guide. Use these tips to figure out what to get your boyfriend for the holidays.

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This is a great solution. If he has something he already uses and loves but you can upgrade it or replace itm you're on to a winner. Is his wallet falling apart? This is a great start because he brings his wallet with him wherever he goes. This means he'll think of you each time he opens it. If his wallet is fine, what about his cologne? Is it not your favorite smell, or is he running out of his favorite? This is another great, fool-proof gift.


Something Classic

You can't go wrong with anything that can be identified as classic. Something like a watch! This is a basic that guys will most likely wear each and every day. Buy a watch based on his style. If he works in a professional environment, a classic watch is best. If he's athletic, a smartwatch is perfect.


Avoid Gifts for Yourself

If it's clear that he's not into what you're buying, don't get it. Get him something that he likes, not something you'd like to see him have or wear. You'll just waste your time and money, not to mention it'll make him feel super awkward.


Talk to His Friends

Play a round of 20 questions with his guys to see if they'll reveal some gift giving advice you've never even thought of. This is especially great if your guy loves video games because odds are that you have no idea what he's talking about when he brings up new games that are coming out. You might not even know what kind of game system he has, so his guys will be sure to clue you in. Take notes and pictures of the gifts online. Make them promise not to bring it up to him.


Think of His Needs

If he's constantly eyeing something but never bothers to buy it, this is a perfect gift opportunity. Is he in need of sunglasses or headphones? There ya go! Problem solved.


Gift an Experience

Is he really wanting to see his favorite group in concert? Has he always wanted to take a helicopter ride? Experiences make amazing gifts, especially if your boyfriend isn't into receiving tangible items. This can also mean taking him out to his favorite restaurant.


Keep It Simple

If you're really at a loss of what to get, get him something that he already has multiples of, like sweatshirts, records, or anything else he collects. So easy.

It seems crazy to think that there's a science behind gift giving, but it's somewhat true. How long you two have been together, his interests, what he's been into lately, and what he needs all play a factor. What are you getting your significant other for the holidays? Comment below!

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