Ways to Let Him down Gently when You Just Aren't Interested ...


Ways to Let Him down  Gently when You Just Aren't Interested ...
Ways to Let Him down  Gently when You Just Aren't Interested ...

Honesty is the best policy. If you aren't interested in a guy that is pursuing you, it's best to let him know right away. Everyone knows that this topic just isn't an easy one, so what can you do to ease the awkwardness? Knowing how to let a guy down easy will make things less painful with these top 7 tips on how to simply just say no thank you.

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We Don't Have Much in Common

City, blond, screenshot, still, don't, This takes away from any misgivings. He won't be left with the feeling that you're too good for him, that you think something is wrong with him, or anything along those lines. For a relationship to be great, two people need to have similarities.


Relationships Aren't for Me

blond, romance, Idon't, relationships, This excuse will let him know right away that commitment and labels just aren't your thing. If he thinks that you don't want to be with anyone, he'll back off with his dignity and confidence intact. Nothing personal.


I Haven't Fully Recovered from a past Relationship

color, hair, facial expression, face, person, He'll think that you've been hurt and need time to recover from a traumatic event in the past. If he's left with the impression that you're possibly damaged goods, clingy, and needy, he'll probably take a step back. You're really the one dodging the bullet in this case.


My Career is My Top Priority

, Independence is important, but most men see it as a priority to be the bread winner of the family. If your career takes a front seat in your life, he won't think twice if work is first in your life. If he still isn't getting the picture, say you're going to be relocated within the next year or so, and that this isn't the best time to be in a future long distance relationship.


I'm Selfish

dress, formal wear, brand, design, photo shoot, This will stop him fast in his tracks. No one, not even women, want to be with someone who openly admits they're selfish. Relationships are all about give and take, and if you're the only one taking, that relationship will burn out pretty quick. Being into yourself isn't bad, but is the perfect excuse for someone wanting to be in a serious relationship where it's all about being selfless.


I Need to Focus on Myself

human action, person, black and white, brand, lecture, It's crucial for you to focus on yourself, because if you don't love yourself first, how are you supposed to let someone else love you? If he knows you want to improve yourself and be the best version of you, he should understand that now is not the best time and that it's not personal at all.


I'm Still in Love with My Ex

person, glasses, I'm, love, with, He knows it wouldn't be fair for either of you if you're still in love with someone else. You can't love two people and be stuck in the past. There's no way for him to actually know if you're being truthful, either, which is an added bonus.

There's nothing worse than telling a guy that you're just not that into him. Guys obviously have feelings, too, and when they're hurt it's difficult to predict how they'll react. These tips are great to keep in your back pocket for this kind of sticky situation. How have you let a guy down? Comment below!

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