15 Common Lies That Women Tell Men More Often than We'd like to Admit ...


It’s definitely not just men that lie to women, as there are plenty of lies that women tell men too, even if we don’t often admit to it. Just like many of the lies that men tell us, most of the common lies that women tell men are told just to avoid conflict, but lying will always cause problems in a relationship. Here are some lies that women tell men but would be unlikely to admit to.

1. Money Isn’t Important

Most women would rather marry for love than money, but one of the most common lies that women tell men is that money doesn’t matter at all. While we may not choose our partners based on their income, a real lack of money can make life difficult and miserable, especially if it stops us doing what we want in life – having a family, for example.

Of Course I like Your Family!


Life's to short! Sometimes you just have to say it like it is. And others, fib a little to make it work. There's no perfect answer.
I have never lied about any of these, I don't see why not to be honest about how you feel. If you don't like cooking and will enjoy some help then say it. If you don't enjoy football then just go some...
Ingrid Bourke
Im guilty!
My new fiancée is a cop so my biggest pet peeve is his " I'm always right" mentality thus just to get him to shut up long enough for us to have great make up sex I definitely say I'm sorry sometimes ...
I have been guilty of most if these...sad
Abrar is totally right!!!! Sometimes we don't want to but we need to 😊
Yea agree with abrar, guys do it all the times 💁
sometimes we need to lie
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