17 Fun Inspos for Your First Valentines Day Together ...

By Sabrina

The first of anything is difficult! So naturally, you shouldn't fly solo for your first Valentine's Day with your current significant other. That's why I'm here, to give you some fool-proof date ideas!

Table of contents:

  1. redo your first date
  2. amusement park
  3. go shopping
  4. emphasis on the day
  5. go on an adventure
  6. watch each other's favorite movie
  7. try something new
  8. concert
  9. play house
  10. staycation
  11. weekend getaway
  12. keep it classy
  13. escape room
  14. bake together
  15. snow day
  16. dinner under the stars
  17. watch sunrise and sunset

1 Redo Your First Date

Sure it was awkward, but clearly it worked! On your first Valentine’s day together, repeat the first date you ever had together. Hopefully things will feel a little more natural this time!

2 Amusement Park

If you haven’t been to an amusement park since you were a kid, try it again! Amusement parks are a different type of fun with your significant other. Plus, you'll take adorable photos!

3 Go Shopping

Let's be honest, by the first Valentines Day he probably hasn't mastered shopping for you yet. Plus, he's still really eager to please you and take you places that make you happy! So if you love shopping and gifts, it's a win-win for both of you!

4 Emphasis on the Day

If you haven't been dating for very long and don't feel ready to spend Valentine's Day night together, do something during the day! Grab lunch and a movie or, if you're lucky enough to enjoy good weather on V Day, go to the beach!

5 Go on an Adventure

There's no better way to get to know someone than getting lost with them!

6 Watch Each Other's Favorite Movie

Share something you both love and appreciate! And get some quality cuddling time in!

7 Try Something New

Take a class together, like couples yoga, pottery, or even dance. Learning a new skill, whether you fail or succeed, will be fun for the both of you. Make sure it's something new to both of you though, so neither one of you feels inferior.

8 Concert

If you have similar tastes in music, why not find tickets for a concert you'll both enjoy?

9 Play House

Maybe this Valentine's Day is the first of many! Give yourselves a preview of the future by having a dinner party for two and a quiet night in.

10 Staycation

Maybe you just want to forget about the world and spend the day with your Valentine! Start off with breakfast in bed and then enjoy each other's presence all day.

11 Weekend Getaway

Depending on how close you feel to your Valentine, this may be the perfect opportunity to test the waters. Can you handle 48 hours of each other straight? Even if the answer ends up being no, you still had a fun weekend getaway!

12 Keep It Classy

Do something classy and cultured, like visiting an art gallery or going to the symphony!

13 Escape Room

Try something new and test how well you work together at an escape room! After you complete it, you'll both feel as stealthy as James Bond. If you've never heard of a breakout room, check out this video:

14 Bake Together

He could buy you Valentine's Day treats, but why buy what you can make? Get in the kitchen and make something sweet together!

15 Snow Day

If you find yourself in a winter wonderland on Valentine's Day, don't stay cooped up inside! Go out and ice skate, ski, or, if you're unlucky enough to be as uncoordinated as I am, make snowmen and snow angels!

16 Dinner under the Stars

Nothing beats the classics! Whether it's a rooftop in the city or a hilltop on the outskirts of town, being in each other's company and watching the beautiful view will make it a Valentine's Day you won't soon forget!

17 Watch Sunrise and Sunset

The order doesn't matter, just make sure you're together for both sunrise and sunset! You can plan a picnic and watch them together.

No matter what you do, your Valentine's Day will be amazing, just because you're together! But you want to make sure it's memorable. What other dates would you add to this list?

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