5 Genius 😈 Ways to Turn Him on 😍 without ❌ Touching Him 🤗 ...


We all know exactly where to touch a man if you want to get him aroused in the quickest way possible! It’s not rocket science to figure that one out, but if you want to be considered a true seductress and master of your craft, you need to know about all of the ways you can get his juices flowing without going straight for the obvious! In fact, you can learn to do it without grabbing anything at all! Here are five ways to turn him on without touching him!

1. Eye Contact

You can say more with your eye than with any amount of words! Locking eyes with him from across a crowded room and looking at him in such a way that tells him exactly what you are planning on doing to him later on is one of the sure-fire ways to get him hot under the collar with even touching him.

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