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7 Tips for Making Him Ache for You ...

By Felicia

You love each other, but do you find yourself wondering if he still wants you like when your relationship was new? Try pulling out some of these tricks, and you will know that he will.

Contrary to what people, believe men are actually created for long-term lusting. The important thing is to do things that trigger this lust. You both have to keep that spark alive. That's what these seven tips for making him ache for you are meant to do.

1 Say the One Word That Drives Him Crazy

No matter how lovey-dovey your pet names are, nothing compares to the rush he gets when you say his name. Hearing his own name is an aphrodisiac. This is because it tells him that you are thinking about nobody else but him. This doesn’t mean you should just shout his name out at random times. Surprise him with it. If you are in a dark bar, just drop his name into your conversation. Another great way is to coo his name during your sexy time. It brings him into the moment.

2 Reach into His Pocket to Get the Keys

Not just the keys, though. The important thing is to never underestimate the power of an unexpected touch has. When you stimulate his nerve endings when he isn’t expected it, you will create a positive physical connection that will make him want more. Look out for times to surprise him.


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3 Don’t Let Him into the Loop

Men prefer to be kept out of the loop. All the small talk about work and life is boring to him. Try editing your small talk and you will discover that he will be more interested in your day-to-day. Start out by giving him the ending of the conversation. Something like, “I saw your friend Jim,” or “I got the job.” This will get his attention and draw him in.

4 Create Small Changes to Get the Bigger Results

For instance, maybe you have gotten several haircuts that you guy hadn’t taken notice of, but then you change the color and he was amazed. Men will register the eye-catching changes and it will draw him closer to you. The change has to be a big departure from your every day look to get a man’s attention. Switch up your jeans for a miniskirt. Wear noticeably higher heels. You could even get rid of the bra for a day.

5 Give Him the Right Kind of Compliment

Men don’t necessarily fish for flattery, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want their ego to be stroked. Praise from his partner will reinforce the fact that you are attracted to him. But you can be gushy with it. The more exclusive and obscure you can make the compliment, the more genuine it will fell to him.

6 Provide Him with a Sensory Flashback

Think about when you and your man fell for each other. What reminds you of that? Figure this out and you now have the secret to conjuring up a rush of love. These sensory connections are extremely strong for both people involved, which bring them closer together. Try wearing the perfume you wore when you first told each other “I love you.” Maybe you frequented the beach, so sunscreen and chlorine might elicit feeling from him.

7 Check out the Competition

Lust is a weird thing. If you want to up your man’s passion for you, try catching the eye of another man. Men are turned on and become more attentive by their partners when they know that another man desires them.

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