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17 Things a Man Will Say to Get You into Bed with Him ...

By Holly

Unfortunately, not all men are trustworthy. Some of them will blatantly lie or play with your feelings to you in order to get in your pants. Since you don't want to end up heartbroken, you have to be careful. Here are a few things a man might say to trick you into sleeping with him:

1 He's Single

He's Single Married men will take the rings off of their fingers in order to pretend that they're single, because they know you wouldn't want them if they admitted they were in relationships.

2 He's STD Free

He's STD Free Some men will put your health at risk by lying about their STDs. That's why you should always use protection.


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3 He Wants to Date You

He Wants to Date You He might tell you that he wants to date you, even though he only wants sex, so that you trust him.

4 He Loves You

He Loves You It's a mean thing to lie about, but some men will pretend to love you in order to get into your pants. After all, most women melt when they hear those three little words.

5 "just the Tip"

"just the Tip" This is a huge lie that'll lead straight to sex. Don't believe it.

6 He Just Wants to Cuddle

He Just Wants to Cuddle Don't take your clothes off, just because he claims he wants to feel your skin against his while you cuddle. That's a trick he'll use to initiate sex.

7 He’s a Virgin

He’s a Virgin If he wants you to think that he's sweet and innocent, he might tell you that he's a virgin.

8 He Wants to Hang out

He Wants to Hang out By now, pretty much everyone knows that "Netflix and chill" is code for sex. So if he asks you over to casually hang out and watch Mad Men, he might have sex on his mind.

9 He's Never Felt This Way

person, He might pretend that his feelings for you are stronger than they actually are, because he wants you to feel comfortable enough to sleep with him.

10 He Has Blue Balls

face, black and white, person, man, male, Don't feel bad for him when he tells you that you gave him painful blue balls. You don't have to sleep with him to help him. He can take care of the problem on his own, because you don't owe him anything.

11 He's Rich and Famous

He's Rich and Famous Some men will actually pretend to be famous actors or athletes in order to impress women.

12 You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautiful Obviously, this one isn't a lie. However, he might be complimenting you in order to soften you up, so you agree to have sex.

13 No One else is Home

No One else is Home If he wants to sleep with you, he might pretend that his parents or roommates are out, even though they're still at home.

14 He Wants More than Sex

He Wants More than Sex He might tell you that he wants more than sex, even though that's exactly what he wants.

15 He Deserves Sex

person, glasses, vision care, Sex isn't something he can get by buying you flowers and fancy dinners. He only deserves sex once you're ready to have sex.

16 All of His Friends Are Doing It

All of His Friends Are Doing It Don't let him pressure you into doing something you're uncomfortable with. Even if everyone else is sexually active, it doesn't mean you need to follow in their footsteps.

17 You've Been Together for so Long

You've Been Together for so Long It doesn't matter if you've been together for three weeks or three years. If you don't want to have sex yet, then don't.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, so don't settle for one that treats you like trash. Has a man ever lied to you in order to sleep with you?

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