17 Things a Man Will Say to Get You into Bed with Him ...


17 Things a Man Will Say to Get You into Bed with Him  ...
17 Things a Man Will Say to Get You into Bed with Him  ...

Unfortunately, not all men are trustworthy. Some of them will blatantly lie or play with your feelings to you in order to get in your pants. Since you don't want to end up heartbroken, you have to be careful. Here are a few things a man might say to trick you into sleeping with him:

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He's Single

He's Single Married men will take the rings off of their fingers in order to pretend that they're single, because they know you wouldn't want them if they admitted they were in relationships.


In many cases, a married man may try to hide his marriage status when flirting with a woman. He might do this by avoiding talking about his family or not wearing a wedding ring. He may also make up stories about his single status in order to make himself seem more attractive. In some cases, a married man may even lie about his marital status in order to get a woman into bed with him. It is important to remember that a married man is not being honest if he claims he is single. If you suspect a man is married, it is important to ask him directly about his marital status before engaging in any type of physical intimacy.


He's STD Free

He's STD Free Some men will put your health at risk by lying about their STDs. That's why you should always use protection.


STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, are serious illnesses that can be transmitted through sexual contact. Some STDs, like HIV, can be life-threatening and have no cure. Other STDs, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, can be treated with antibiotics. It is important to always practice safe sex and use protection, such as condoms, to reduce the risk of transmitting STDs. Regular testing is also important to ensure that you and your partner are both STD-free.

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He Wants to Date You

He Wants to Date You He might tell you that he wants to date you, even though he only wants sex, so that you trust him.


This statement is often used as a manipulation tactic by men who are only interested in a sexual relationship. They know that by expressing a desire to date you, they can gain your trust and make you more likely to agree to their advances. This behavior is not only disrespectful, but it also shows a lack of genuine interest in getting to know you as a person. It is important to be aware of this tactic and not fall for it, as it can lead to hurtful and unhealthy relationships. Remember, a man who truly wants to date you will show genuine interest in getting to know you and will not use manipulative tactics to get you into bed.

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He Loves You

He Loves You It's a mean thing to lie about, but some men will pretend to love you in order to get into your pants. After all, most women melt when they hear those three little words.


Men can be very deceptive when it comes to getting what they want. The phrase “He loves you” is often used to manipulate women into believing that a man is in love with them, when in reality he might just be trying to get into their pants. This is a cruel and selfish tactic used by many men, and it’s important to recognize the signs of a man who is truly in love with you versus one who is just trying to take advantage of you.

When a man is truly in love with you, he will be more than just words. He will show you through his actions how much he cares for you. He will make time for you, listen to you, and be there for you when you need him. He will make sure that you feel safe and secure in the relationship, and that your emotional needs are being met. He will be honest with you and make sure that you know that he is committed to you.

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"just the Tip"

"just the Tip" This is a huge lie that'll lead straight to sex. Don't believe it.


This statement is a popular phrase used to suggest that a person is only interested in physical intimacy, not a relationship. It is often used as a way to pressure someone into having sex, as it implies that the person only wants a physical connection and nothing more. It is important to remember that this phrase is often used as a manipulative tactic and should not be taken seriously. It is best to avoid any situation where someone is pressuring or coercing you into having sex, and to always make sure that any sexual activity is consensual.

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He Just Wants to Cuddle

He Just Wants to Cuddle Don't take your clothes off, just because he claims he wants to feel your skin against his while you cuddle. That's a trick he'll use to initiate sex.


This text is a warning to women to be wary of men who say they just want to cuddle when they really mean they want to have sex. It is important for women to be aware of these manipulative tactics, as they can be used to pressure someone into having sex when they don't want to. It is also important to remember that cuddling can be a meaningful and enjoyable activity without any sexual expectations. If someone is not comfortable with the situation, they should not feel obligated to do anything they don't want to.

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He’s a Virgin

He’s a Virgin If he wants you to think that he's sweet and innocent, he might tell you that he's a virgin.


Virginity is a personal choice and can be a sign of respect for oneself. However, it is important to remember that someone claiming to be a virgin may not always be telling the truth. If a man is claiming to be a virgin, it is important to take the time to get to know him before making any decisions. Additionally, it is important to remember that virginity is not a measure of someone's worth or value.

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He Wants to Hang out

He Wants to Hang out By now, pretty much everyone knows that "Netflix and chill" is code for sex. So if he asks you over to casually hang out and watch Mad Men, he might have sex on his mind.


It is important to remember that not all men who ask you to hang out have sex on their mind. In some cases, a man may genuinely just want to spend time with you and watch a movie. When it comes to deciphering a man's intentions, it is important to pay attention to his body language and other nonverbal cues to get a better idea of what he is really thinking. Additionally, if you are feeling uncomfortable or unsure about a situation, it is always best to trust your gut and remove yourself from the situation.

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He's Never Felt This Way

person, He might pretend that his feelings for you are stronger than they actually are, because he wants you to feel comfortable enough to sleep with him.


In this article, the author discusses common tactics that men may use to manipulate women into sleeping with them. The paragraph specifically mentions how a man may pretend to have strong feelings for a woman in order to make her feel comfortable enough to engage in sexual activity. This tactic is often used as a form of emotional manipulation and can be harmful to women. It is important for women to be aware of these tactics and to only engage in sexual activities when they truly feel comfortable and ready. The author also emphasizes the importance of communication and setting boundaries in any romantic or sexual relationship.

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He Has Blue Balls

face, black and white, person, man, male, Don't feel bad for him when he tells you that you gave him painful blue balls. You don't have to sleep with him to help him. He can take care of the problem on his own, because you don't owe him anything.


Blue balls, or epididymal hypertension, is a condition that occurs when a man has been aroused for a long period of time without achieving an orgasm. It can cause pain and discomfort in the testicles, as well as a feeling of heaviness in the groin area. While blue balls can be uncomfortable, it is not dangerous and usually resolves on its own. The best way to avoid blue balls is to either engage in sexual activity or relieve the tension through masturbation.

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He's Rich and Famous

He's Rich and Famous Some men will actually pretend to be famous actors or athletes in order to impress women.


Some guys take name-dropping to another level, weaving intricate stories about their so-called celebrity lifestyle. They might casually mention hobnobbing with A-listers or having a VIP pass to every exclusive event in town. Remember, true celebs don’t need to boast about their connections—they let their status speak for itself. So, when a man tries to use fame to lure you into his arms, it could be a classic case of bait and switch. Keep your wits about you, and don't be swayed by a fantasy facade. It's often just smoke and mirrors.

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You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautiful Obviously, this one isn't a lie. However, he might be complimenting you in order to soften you up, so you agree to have sex.


This text is a warning to women that men can use compliments to manipulate them into having sex. It is important to be aware of this type of manipulation and to be able to recognize it. Women should be cautious and not take compliments from men at face value. They should be aware that compliments can be used to manipulate them and should be aware of all the possible motives behind the compliments. Additionally, it is important to remember that it is never okay to pressure someone into having sex. Everyone should feel safe and respected in any sexual situation.

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No One else is Home

No One else is Home If he wants to sleep with you, he might pretend that his parents or roommates are out, even though they're still at home.


This paragraph highlights a common tactic used by men to manipulate women into sleeping with them. By pretending that there is no one else at home, the man is trying to create a sense of privacy and intimacy, making it easier for the woman to give in to his advances. This tactic is often used by men who are only interested in a casual fling and have no intention of forming a genuine connection with the woman. It is important for women to be aware of this tactic and not fall for it, as it can lead to regret and disappointment in the long run.

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He Wants More than Sex

He Wants More than Sex He might tell you that he wants more than sex, even though that's exactly what he wants.


This statement is often used as a manipulative tactic to make a woman feel like she is special and that the man is interested in a deeper connection. However, in reality, he may only be interested in satisfying his own desires and using her for physical pleasure. This behavior is a red flag and can indicate a lack of respect for women and their boundaries. It is important for women to recognize this tactic and not fall for it, as it can lead to hurt and disappointment in the long run. Instead, women should look for genuine and respectful intentions from a man before getting intimate with him.

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He Deserves Sex

person, glasses, vision care, Sex isn't something he can get by buying you flowers and fancy dinners. He only deserves sex once you're ready to have sex.


This paragraph highlights the importance of consent and mutual readiness in a sexual relationship. It emphasizes that a man cannot simply buy or manipulate his way into sex, but that it should only happen when both parties are fully ready and consenting. This aligns with the overall message of the article, which aims to educate women on common tactics that men may use to pressure them into having sex. By understanding these tactics, women can better protect themselves and make informed decisions about their sexual relationships.

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All of His Friends Are Doing It

All of His Friends Are Doing It Don't let him pressure you into doing something you're uncomfortable with. Even if everyone else is sexually active, it doesn't mean you need to follow in their footsteps.


Pressure from a partner's social circle can be incredibly persuasive, especially when it comes to intimate decisions. Remember, your body, your rules! You're absolutely entitled to set your own pace, irrespective of the norm within his friend group. If he truly respects and values you, he will admire your strength to stand your ground. Trust your instincts and do not let the herd mentality dictate your personal choices. Always prioritize consent and comfort over conformity.

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You've Been Together for so Long

You've Been Together for so Long It doesn't matter if you've been together for three weeks or three years. If you don't want to have sex yet, then don't.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, so don't settle for one that treats you like trash. Has a man ever lied to you in order to sleep with you?

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When I say 6 I mean exactly that, nothing more. Although I suspect many people may have interpreted it to mean sex, which I am not really all that into...

Bunch of studs then there's Walter white lol

Some things I agree here, some other like he wants to date you in order to sleep with you..Well if a guy wants to really date that means he is interested in getting to know you better but not only to sleep with you. And the single part well not all men lie there are honest men out there that's why you have to get to know to confirm that he is truly single but in getting to know him better.. Give the guy a chance and see if he is really worth dating or not..

I once dated a man who said he wanted to have a baby with me so desperately. I knew what he was up to and did not succumb to his pleas.

I thought so :( how should i answer to this guy ?

@Ida1 it's the same things he want to have sex you

Such is life but however things turn it could only be a learning curve!

All true.

What if he wants you to cook for him the first date ?

Adam Levine and Chris Hemsworth winking adorable:)

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