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The Positive Things about Getting Dumped ...

By Alison

Have you been dumped by a boyfriend? Of course you have. It happens to all of us, and makes us feel down about ourselves. But it's not all bad news. No, really! Although you might not see it at first, there are some good aspects to being shown the door by the person you thought was your other half. So here are the positive parts about getting dumped …

1 The Freedom - You Can Suit Yourself All the Time

Being dumped has one really good side - you can do what you want, when you want. There's no making arrangements or taking someone else into consideration; your free time is completely your own. If you want to eat cereal for dinner or spend all weekend watching box sets, you can do so without comment. You're completely free!

2 The Possibilities - There Are so Many Other Men out There!

When you eventually feel like looking for love again, there are so many men out there. The possibilities are considerable. Not only are there plenty of fish in the sea, but any one of them could end up on your hook. You're free and single - and if you meet someone that takes your fancy, you can act on it. You're not tied up any more …


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3 You Don't Have to Put up with His Snoring & Other Annoying Habits

Everyone has annoying habits, and as time passes you'll realise how many things about him actually drove you mad. So look on the bright side. You don't have to listen to him snoring or put up with his appalling table manners any more. And he won't complain about anything you do.

4 He Can't Make You Miserable

Another advantage of getting dumped is that he can't make you miserable any more. Sure, being told you're surplus to requirements sucks, but at least once you get over it you'll probably realise that he didn't really make you happy. It can only be up from here on; he can't do anything else that will make you unhappy.

5 The Worst Has Happened

Once you've been dumped, the worst has already happened. They can't dump you again, unless you take them back (which is rarely a good idea). Operate a one strike policy with guys; they only get one chance to dump you. So now there's no anxiety about whether the relationship will last.

6 Life is so Much Simpler

Life is so much simpler when you're single, it really is. Your life is your own, you don't have to think about someone else's feelings or worry whether the relationship is going well. Relationships are just so complicated that it can be quite emotionally exhausting, even if you are happy.

7 You Can Be Crazy Cat Lady

Maybe it's just me, but being single is just fine when it means I can be Crazy Cat Lady. Animals are so much less complicated than people (and you can have them neutered). So instead of crying over your ex's photo, rejoice that you can now adopt as many cats/dogs/hamsters as your budget, space and time will allow.

So don't fret if you get dumped. It's just part of life, and it's not all bad. You can actually come out of it a stronger and happier person. Have you ever been dumped with a really creative or ridiculous excuse?

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