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Girls Guide to Telling if He's Turned on ...

By Holly

If you're debating whether or not you should make a move on your crush or take things to the next level with your boyfriend, it'll help to know the signs of lust. That way, you'll be able to figure out if he's waiting to leave the room or waiting for you to jump on top of him. Here are a few different ways to tell if he's turned on:

1 Dilated Pupils

REQUIEM FOR A DREAM,eye,face,eyebrow,nose, When we see something we like, our pupils will grow bigger. So if they dilate when he looks at you, it means that he's attracted to you.

2 Eyebrow Flash

phenomenon,screenshot,action film,fictional character, This can be hard to spot, because it happens in half of a second. However, you might be able to catch his eyebrows raising as soon as he sees you, which means he thinks you're sexy.


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3 Tight Jeans

image,screenshot, This is the most obvious sign of lust. If you glance down at his jeans and see a bulge, then it means he's turned on.

4 Fast Heartbeat

text,font,line,screenshot,shape, If you're resting your head on his chest and can actually feel his heart racing, then he's either nervous or turned on. Either way, it suggests he wants you to make a move.

5 Preening

hair,person,red,hairstyle,sense, If he keeps smoothing down his shirt or fixing his hair, it's a sign of flirting.

6 Change in Voice

man,male,action film,facial hair,you, Men change their voices when they're around the woman they like. It's a subtle difference though, so be on the lookout for it.

7 Eye Sexing

black,blue,human positions,lady,beauty, There's a certain look he'll give you when he's turned on. You'll know it when you see it.

8 Licking Lips

screenshot,singer,fictional character,KIMLENNOX, If he draws attention to his lips, even without meaning to, it suggests he's thinking about kissing you. So do him a favor and make the first move!

9 Checking out Your Body

, If you catch him looking you up and down, he's checking you out! That only happens when he finds a woman attractive.

10 Heavy Breathing

person,professional, If his breathing is heavier than usual, then he's probably turned on.

11 Hands over Crotch

#accidental,erection, If you're looking for a bulge in his jeans, but his hands are covering the area, it's probably because he's trying to hide it.

12 Deeper Kisses

human action,person,kiss,nose,mouth, If you two are in the middle of a make-out session and he suddenly starts kissing you harder, then he's in the mood to take things further.

13 Moaning

human action,person,man,arm,mouth, If he moans when you touch him, then he's definitely enjoying what you're doing. He probably wants you to do even more.

14 Moving His Legs

games, Men tend to move their legs around when they're starting to feel aroused. So if he keeps crossing and uncrossing them, it's a good sign.

15 Walking Funny

black,white,photograph,black and white,photography, If he's walking a little strange, he might have an erection.

16 Taking His Clothing off

person,official, Even if it's just his jacket, taking off his clothes means that he wants things to get hot and heavy. The next thing you know, he'll be taking off his pants.

17 Bluntly Telling You

poster,screenshot,brand,album cover,SERES, Some men aren't shy. They'll tell you how they're feeling. So if he says you're turning him on, believe him. He wouldn't lie.

Everyone is different, but all of these movements suggest that he's ready for sex. What is a telltale sign that your man is turned on?

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