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How to Get Him to Connect Emotionally ...

By Sici

Thanks to the patriarchy and the way that most men are taught as they are brought up in most cultures around the world, there can often be a disconnect or barrier between you and a love interest when it comes to being able to open and be emotionally vulnerable. Most guys like to put on a brave face and ignore any feelings that they might feel bubbling up inside, but as women, we all know that this is a dangerous way to try to control your life. Here is how to get him to connect emotionally; it’s really important!

1 Create Mystery

Be mindful of what you offer to him in conversation. If you can sow the seeds of mystery in your life, then he will be tempted by it and will want to know more about you, which will lead him on to being more engaged with you and asking you questions. Using this technique can start to build a much better connection between the two of you.

2 Compliments

If he is feeling insecure about the relationship and therefore to allowing himself to be vulnerable and open up, then make the effort to compliment him as often as you can. Make him feel loved in the relationship, do things to reassure him that you aren’t only with him for the sake of it, and that you are delighted to be with him.

3 Hobbies

Talk about your own hobbies and interests with great verve and affection so that it his ears up and sparks his own interest, and then do the same when he offers you something about his own hobbies and likes. If you can make a connection with him about something other than your physical attraction to one another, it opens the door for better emotional bonding.

4 Positivity

Even if the emotional distance is getting you down, try not to show that directly toward him. The more positive you can be in your nature, the more comfortable he is going to feel in your presence. Some guys are just not as forthcoming with their feelings and emotions as women generally are, so it is important that you show him the way with your own positive attitude. The last thing you want to do is make him clam up by having a go at him.

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