5 Ways to Get Guys to Approach You ...

By Sici

5 Ways to Get Guys to Approach You ...

Here’s the thing, I know it’s 2019 and I know that the dating landscape is more different now than it has ever been, but what about those occasions when you want things to be a little bit more traditional and old fashioned? There is nothing to stop a girl going up and approaching a guy these days, but if you are someone who likes to be approached rather than do the approaching, then you need to find other ways to attract the desired attention! Here are 5 ways to get guys to approach you.

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Alone Opportunity

When you are out with your friends, it can often be a bit daunting for a guy to come up to a big group of girls to single one out. If you want to create the best environment for being approached, then step away from your girls for a bit and make sure that he sees you are by yourself and waiting for some company! He’ll be much more comfortable with coming up to you if you don’t have the full squad around!



It’s a tricky situation; you always want to look hot, but not so hot that you come across as out of his league and unapproachable! By all means, doll yourself up to look amazing, but it’s important to maintain that edge of relatability and ‘girl next door-ness’ that will make him feel like he can approach you without being completely shut down!


Don’t Be Aloof

Playing hard to get is a dangerous game. You are much better off not trying to pull of off that aloof or ‘too busy’ vibe because it’s just as likely to put him off of trying to approach you as it is to excite him in a cat and mouse kind of way! Your best chance of getting him to approach is to act as friendly and as open as you can, none of this disinterested but actually really interested nonsense!


Stay in One Place

You don’t want to make a moving target out of yourself, because believe it or not guys do have to work up courage to come and talk to you! If you are constantly in and out of an area, they might feel uncomfortable trying to chase you around to get your attention, so for best chances of success, pick a place in the club or at the party and make it your base camp for the night!


Be Positive

Positive, light, airy, happy people automatically come across as more approachable than those that give off a more guarded, wary vibe. If you are going out with the intention of being noticed and approached, then put on your best smiley face and just exude as much happiness and brightness as you can! Guys are attracted to that kind of energy. Your natural glow will be almost too much to resist!

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