Perfect 👌 Tips to Get Your Ex 💔 Back when You Just Cannot 🚫 Live without Him 😩 ...

Trying to figure out how to get your ex back? The key to getting your ex back is not by becoming a different person, but an improved person, not fake though. Be beautiful inside and out. The following is a list to follow in order to do this. I've got your back sista! Here's how to get your ex back.

1. Create a Healthy New Lifestyle

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Focus on yourself. Build your confidence. Socialize or join a Meetup group. Do what you need to get yourself out! If you are disheveled, he is not going to want you again. Getting healthy is a great answer for how to get your ex back.

2. Apologize

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Say you're sorry for your mistakes and make your partner believe that it comes from the heart. You might even get an apology from him too.

3. Don't Panic when He Starts Dating

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It just means he has a huge hole in his life that he is trying to fill with someone new. The faster he moves, the faster it will end. It is just a rebound.

4. Remember Your Ex's Important Life Events

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This is to show you still care, not just birthdays either.

5. Look at the Woman He is Seeing

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This is a real heartbreaker. It requires balls of steel. Come up with a plan proving you are better.

6. Use Social Media to Show You Are Good without Him (yet Miss Him)

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Click photos of you with friends and post stuff about the new you. The little things will drive him wild.

7. Have a Makeover

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Change your look! Your ex will realize that several suitors might be checking you out.

8. Be Carefree and Fun

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When your ex sees you happy and uncomplicated and laughing, he will ask himself why he broke up with you in the first place!

Heartbreaks are meant to strengthen every person, the same way a pencil goes through a sharpener to become sharper.

If you have done everything on the above list and still fail to bring the love of your life back...don't despair. The best one is probably yet to just have to have patience.


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