The Best List of People to Text when You're Thinking of Texting Your Ex ...


The Best List of People to Text when You're Thinking of Texting Your Ex ...
The Best List of People to Text when You're Thinking of Texting Your Ex ...

In the minefield of love, texting your ex is one of the most dangerous steps. You step on that mine and all kind of personal hell can be unleashed. Unless you have a very good post-coupledom relationship, hitting the send button should most definitely be avoided. If your fingers are itching and you simply can’t resist the pull of the phone, don’t text your ex. Text these people instead.

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Text Your Mom; Mom Knows Best!

person, woman, human positions, speech, Sometimes, Don’t text your ex, text your mother instead. You only realize as you get older that mom really does know best, and all those years you spent rebelling against her advice were completely useless because you know deep down inside that she is the only person who will tell you what you need to hear.


Text Your Dad; He’s the Only Guy You Can Trust

person, profession, gentleman, Seriously, though, Frenchie was right in Grease when she said that the only man a girl can depend on is her daddy! He might not be able to empathize like your mom can, but he could be good at giving you some advice from a male side of the argument. It might help you feel better.


Your BFF; Because That’s the Job She Signed up for!

person, need, text, every, seconds, Part of the unwritten contract of being a BFF is that you are on call, day and night, for those occasions when you need to talk your friend off the roof before she jumps and sends the text that she’s going to regret. Always get in touch with your bestie before taking the plunge.


Your Siblings; They Will Tell It to You Straight

person, singing, profession, finger, book, Nobody tells you the total truth like a brother or a sister. They have grown up with you, they know what you are like and they are not going to sugar coat a single word! The temptation to text an ex can be really overwhelming, so you need a sibling to psychologically slap you round the face and snap you out of it!


An Old Friend; They Might Have a New Perspective

person, woman, facial expression, classroom, room, It can sometimes be helpful to text a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a long time. They will be removed from the situation and might be able to offer some advice that will shine a new light on everything that is going on. Having some distance from a problem can sometimes give you the best view of it.


Your Grandparents; They Have the Advantage of Wisdom

never, talked, when, had, sex!, You don’t have to go on to all of the gory details of your relationship, but the experience and knowledge that comes with age can often make your grandparents the absolute best fountains of knowledge to rely on when you are having a moment of weakness.


Distant Acquaintance; Because Why the Hell Not!

person, emotion, Any, waya, don't, Instead of texting your ex, text that person that you met at your friend’s house party who you randomly exchanged numbers with. Getting to know them a bit better might take your mind off of your initial plan.


A Co-Worker; to Fill You Head with Office Gossip

clothing, pattern, costume, outerwear, After, Instead of creating more personal drama by texting your ex, get in touch with a colleague instead and get the low down on all of the latest office gossip that is going around. It will give you an outlet!

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Your Crush, Because It’s Time to Move Forward

person, woman, facial expression, profession, emotion, There is not point looking back in to the past and connecting with an ex. Look instead to the future and text that guy that you have been having a mild flirtation with for a while. Who knows where it could lead?


Group Text; Because Sometimes You Need Multiple Opinions

person, showgirl, costume, mind, keeps, Send out a group text to all of your closest friends and see if you can get a general consensus on what they think is the best thing to do. And let’s be real, group chats between friends always descend in to random chaos. It will probably take your mind off your ex!


Your Ex; but Only in Your Notes!

what, the, what?, If you think that physically writing down your feelings will help, then instead of composing it in the text chat, write it down in your notes app and then after you have got it out of your head, swiftly delete it never to be seen again!

Don’t do it. Don’t text your ex. There are plenty of better options.

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Just texted him

great alternatives. Never text an ex.

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