How to Support Your Bestie after a Breakup ...


How to Support Your Bestie after a Breakup ...
How to Support Your Bestie after a Breakup ...

Best friends do so many things for each other, but it mainly comes down to loving and supporting each other. One of the worst things in the world is seeing your best friend hurting, and breakups definitely hurt. The very best thing you can do is be there for her, of course. Knowing how to support your bestie after a breakup involves knowing what makes her laugh, what gets her through the hardest times, and what makes her feel better when she's at her lowest point.

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At First, Just Listen to Your Friend

person, nnn, She's going to need to talk and she needs someone to simply listen, so in the beginning, that's the best thing you can do.


Let Her Vent as Much as She Wants to

musical theatre, theatre, -yerehdisne, Numblr, If she wants to yell, scream, purge her space of all of his stuff, or simply cry, let her get it out – encourage her, even, because she can't heal if she doesn't get it out of her system.


Take Her to the Dog Park

person, black and white, woman, facial expression, human action, It doesn't matter if she has a dog or not, a visit to the park can make anybody feel better about nearly anything.


Queue up All Her Favorite Movies and Shows

person, profession, speech, Darling,, it's, Your friend might want to wallow for a while, which is totally understandable, and it can help to have some of her favorite movies and TV shows on standby.


Now Load up the Best Breakup Movies Ever

costume, toy, #0ITNB, Specifically, look for movies where the ex always gets his – that's sure to make her smile, at the very least.

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She Might Want to Spend Some Time Alone

hair, blond, person, photograph, photography, Don't take it personally. She just needs some time to process on her own – it's not because she doesn't appreciate what you're doing.


Seriously, Let Her Cry as Much as She Needs to

person, woman, blond, emotion, laughter, Try not to get impatient and don't rush her – crying it out is really cathartic sometimes, and she may just need to get all of her grief out of her system.


Don't Let Her Text or Call Her Ex

person, black and white, film noir, ONLY, ONE, Even if she gets mad at you, she really probably shouldn't be getting in touch with her ex just yet, especially if things are still raw.


Help Her Get Away for a While

black, white, person, black and white, emotion, Take her on a vacation if you can swing it – even a quick weekend trip can leave her feeling rejuvenated and more like herself.


Start a New Project, Just the Two of You

person, SUPER, NEW, KEEPING, THE, Maybe it's something you've always talked about doing or maybe you just came up with it, but it'll help her keep her mind off her broken heart.


Load up on All Her Favorite Foods

person, black and white, eyewear, Pizza, chocolate, ice cream sundaes, chips and guac – whatever she loves, make sure she has plenty of it.


Take Her out Dancing

black, white, person, painting, facial expression, The two of you should definitely go out dancing – rocking it out on the dance floor might be just the thing she needs.


Or Take Her out Drinking

blond, hair, person, hairstyle, woman, You can also head to your favorite bar for some drinking and dishing – just make sure you keep her safe and supported.


Do Whatever It Takes to Make Her Laugh

person, hair, woman, hairstyle, profession, That might involve doing impressions of her ex, but hey, whatever works, right?


Be Her Sounding Board, Especially if She's Feeling Rebellious

person, speech, home, the, OAA, As her BFF, it's your job to encourage her desire to get a drastic haircut, but maybe talk her out of getting a faux hawk – just help her know when to draw the line, is the point.


Tell Her How Incredibly Amazing She is

hair, person, hairstyle, love, you!, Make sure she knows that she's smart, kind, funny, and beautiful, and that she deserves somebody amazing in her life.


And Make Sure She Knows You'll Never Break up with Her

person, photograph, black and white, photography, eyewear, She's way too important to you, after all, and you would never want to hurt her like that.

Have you ever helped your BFF get through a bad breakup? It hurts so much to see your best in that much pain.

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Honestly my best friend had a break up 3 days ago, and I'm reading this and it's really helpful thanks 😊

Honestly this post showed just at the right time! 👏🏽

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