Do These 13 Things if You Want to Win His Heart ...


Do These 13 Things if You Want to Win His Heart ...
Do These 13 Things if You Want to Win His Heart ...

When you set your sights on one single crush, then things can get pretty desperate pretty quick, especially if you aren’t sure at this moment in time whether he likes you back or not! Now, I’m not saying that you need to throw all caution to the wind and lay yourself out there for him, but there are definitely a few little tips and tricks that you can employ to steal his attention and get him to start thinking in the same manner that you are! Do these little things to win his heart!

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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Make an effort to cook a few little treats here and there, he’ll be back and begging for more in no time!



It’s sometimes hard for guys to be able to open up and share their feelings with people, so if you can help him to see that you are someone who understands him and can listen to him, he will fall quick.


Laugh at His Jokes

A little ego boost never hurt anyone! If you want him to fall for you even quicker, make a point of laughing at his jokes, no matter how terrible they are!



Be as charming as possible. Guys like to feel like they are being put under some kind of romantic spell, so the more charming you can be, the more they will feel it.



Men don’t like to have to do too much digging and diving when it comes to figuring out your emotions, so be as expressive as you can in order to let him know that you want him!



Show a little bit of interest in his biggest passions and hobbies, he will enjoy being asked questions about things that he really loves.



Reverse the expected gender roles and plan out a date night for the two of you. He will enjoy the element of surprise and also the fact that he hasn’t had to come up with any big ideas!


Dress Well

No matter what your personal style is, make sure that you execute it to the max whenever he is around. Whether you are super girly or a sexy tomboy or anything in between, you should always be looking your best when he’s around!



Show him that you are an independent woman by playing a little bit of hard to get when the time is right. He will enjoy the chase.



Make your best efforts to be in touch and on good terms with his family. Once an entire family is invested in you, it helps to show you in a different, potentially more serious light for him!



Take a genuine interest in the things that are most important to him. Whether it’s a sports team, or a TV show or a specific band, make the effort to share in his enjoyment.


Be There

Make sure to be there when he needs you, not just when you need him. He will fall in love in no time if you can show him that he has a shoulder he can cry on.


Favourite Outfit

If you want to pick one occasion to get his heart really pumping, then ask him what his favourite outfit of yours is and then one day turn up to his door wearing it with a cute picnic packed. It will make for a dreamy day!

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